NYX Color Merci Lip Balm – Why It’s Just an Average Lip Balm!

NYX Color Merci Lip Balm – Why It’s Just an Average Lip Balm!

By Tanya S.

This is my second review on IMBB and I’m glad to tell you that there will be many more coming. I was so occupied with my studies that I was limited to only reading and not writing on IMMB, but the tables have turned (Mwahah, okay maybe this wasn’t required :P) but yes, I have lot of time now and I will be a regular writer here! I love NYX products and today I will be reviewing another one from my collection which is the NYX Color Lip Balm in the shade “Merci,” a French feel to it, right?

NYX color lip balm

Lipsticks which are mineral enriched and good for lips are the “it thing” these days, but I’m pretty sure tinted lip balms will never lose their spot. Its users vary from the hardcore makeup lovers to the not so-into-makeup ones. Let’s just admit it; it’s a favorite of many. I remember how my sister bought it, she’s a newbie in the big beautiful world of makeup and wanted to go safe with her first lip product and bought the same.

NYX color lip balm


Rs. 340 for 4 gm.

NYX color lip balm

My Experience with NYX Color Merci Lip Balm:

I went to buy a lipstick and ended up with this lip balm. Starting with the packaging, it’s not quite appealing to me. It’s black in color with product details are written in white and a band of the shade color near the cap of the balm. It looks quite economical and not cute but that’s just a personal opinion. This balm has such a sweet fragrance to it, very refreshing, great for outing with your boyfriend 😉 , and otherwise too of course 😀

NYX color lip balm

NYX color lip balm

It goes on smoothly on your lips but the problem arrives when you layer too much product in order to get the exact color on your lips, remember it’s a tinted lip balm and it won’t give you a lipstick effect.  It has happened with me too and it ended up feeling really heavy on the lips. The pigmentation is really nice as you can see in the swatch, but the staying power is disappointing.  It stays on for about 1-2 hours and then fades evenly leaving a tint of color on your lips, but I guess that’s how lip balms are.

NYX color lip balm

Talking about the healing properties, let’s not forget it’s a lip balm right? And, they are average. Don’t expect it to hydrate and repair lips overnight because that’s too much to expect.  The quantity is fairly good as well and will last for a good few months depending upon your usage.

NYX color lip balm

Pros of NYX Color Merci Lip Balm:

  • Lovely sweet fragrance.
  • Well pigmented.
  • Smooth application.

NYX color lip balm

Cons of NYX Color Merci Lip Balm:

  • Staying power is not great.
  • Healing power is not up to the mark.

Would I Repurchase NYX Color Merci Lip Balm?

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect lip balm and this did not satisfy me much, so probably not. I would rather go in for the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.

Would I Repurchase NYX Color Merci Lip Balm?

This product is not extremely good and nor extremely bad, it’s an average lip balm. If you want a simple tinted balm for casual outings, then go for it, but if you want a lip balm with repairing properties, then skip this one because there are better products out there waiting to be discovered.

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