NYX Cupcake and Flirt Single Eye Shadow Review

Oh, these little cuties in such adorable packaging!! This is what flashed in my mind, when I looked at NYX Single Eye Shadow kept on the shelf. I have a weakness for eye shadows, so whenever I come across some new line of eye shadows, I go on a bank-breaking splurge. Normally, people first try a couple of eyeshadows and then buy them but what I do is check some reviews and buy almost all of them. Never do this ladies! Trust me there are 50:50 chances that you will survive the heart break. Keeping that in mind, let us go ahead with the review of NYX Cupcake and Flirt Single Eye Shadow.

NYX Cupcake and Flirt Single Eye Shadow

$4.5 (approximately INR 280)



The black circular packaging looks tough, but the transparent window provides on top falls off. When the package was shipped to me, the transparent plastic piece of both the eye shadows were lying on top of the product. Thank god, no harm was done to the product! In the texture section, you will come to understand why no harm was done to the product.

bow decoration on container

There is a little bow decoration on the lid. Its purpose is to ease the opening of the container. It looks cute though. At the bottom, there is a black sticker with all manufacturing, weight, shade and other details written over it. The amount of product by weight is 1.5g, which is far less than provided by other drugstore companies. There is no mirror or applicator provided. Overall the product looks like MAC eye shadows.



The texture of both the shade is quite different.

Flirt: On touching the surface of Flirt it feels a tad bit rough and hard. The consistency is not bad though. The hardness might be the reason why the transparent window was not able to scratch the surface of eye shadow. This color is buildable. It blends very easily but too much blending may result in very sheer color. It does not transfer evenly and was a bit patchy.

Cupcake: When I took a swatch cupcake, the product felt little softer than flirt. Roughness on the surface was also less as compared to flirt. This color too is blend-able but does not disappear like flirt. This shade appeared a little bit on the chalky side. It transferred to wrist evenly and easily.

finger swatches

I will describe the pigmentation of both colors separately:

Flirt: It is a light matte lilac color. It looks quite vibrant in the pot. The finger swatch in the photograph took 2-3 swirls to pick up that much pigment. The problem with this shade is that if blended too much it disappears. Apart from this problem, this shade is eye catching. It transferred completely on the wrist.

Cupcake: This shade is matte baby pink color. The pigmentation is better than flirt. It took one swirl to pick up the finger swatch. Blending does not make it disappear. It is a pretty color for day-time wear. It is touted to be the dupe of MAC Yogurt Eye Shadow.


Staying power:
Flirt fades very fast. It took 2-3 hours for it to disappear. I think, it would be better to use a primer with this shade. Cupcake held up for 5 hours straight but of course a primer will help this shade too.

Pros of NYX Cupcake and Flirt Single Eye Shadow:

  • Very pretty vibrant shades
  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Pigmentation is on the border
  • Cupcake has got a decent staying power

Cons of NYX Cupcake and Flirt Single Eye Shadow:

  • Transparent window falls off which may harm the product some day
  • Texture not smooth
  • Flirt transfers on skin in patches

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend NYX Cupcake and Flirt Single Eye Shadow?
Yes, if you do not want to spare bucks on costly MAC Eye Shadow, you can go for these pretty colorful shades from NYX. Texture is a little bummer but can be worked out.

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