NYX Deep Nude Lip Primer Review

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I am a lipstick lover and possess so many of them. So, when a product comes along which promises to make the lipstick application even and smooth, it is bound to catch my attention. And that is how I ended up buying the NYX Lip Primer in Deep Nude. Read on whether the product delivered what it promises or not.

NYX Deep Nude Lip Primer

$7.  Prices may vary from store to store.

NYX Deep Nude Lip Primer

Product Description:
Instant gratification for your lips. Create the perfect canvas for lipcolor with this texture and color enhancing superhero. Ensures that lip product lasts and does not go outside the lines. Somebody get this product a cape.

  • What it is: A velvety smooth primer that creates a smooth, uniform canvas.
  • What it does: Preps and primes lips for smooth and long wear. Keeps lip color from fading or feathering.
  • Why we love it: Both color correcting and texture adjusting formula makes lip color look its best.
  • How to use: Apply all over lips prior to lip pencil, lipstick and gloss.

NYX Deep Nude Lip Primer

My Experience with NYX Deep Nude Lip Primer:

Packaging: The lip primer comes in a crayon type black packaging with a transparent cap. The primer twists up and requires no sharpening. The packaging is pretty neat and handy, especially the crayon format makes it very easy to apply the primer and reach the inner corner of the lips.

Shade: This lip primer comes in 2 shades – Nude and Deep Nude, I picked up the Deep Nude shade. I was assuming this product to be like a lip concealer because they have it in 2 shades. However, this is more like a transparent lip balm. I couldn’t swatch it on my hands as it would not show up in pictures at all.

NYX Deep Nude Lip Primer

Performance:  The lip primer applies pretty smoothly on the lips. It doesn’t exactly glide like butter but you don’t need to tug at it either.  I have mixed thoughts about the actual performance of the lip primer. It left a sticky/waxy film on my lips which actually made my lips look worse than what they looked like to begin with. I applied my lipstick on top of it and hoped that it makes it look better. Well, it did make my lipstick look a bit more even colored and deep, but the lip lines were still there. Also, I realized that if you apply a thick layer of the primer, then the lipstick tends to clump a bit and looks patchy.

NYX Deep Nude Lip Primer

But on the positive side, it did make my lipstick last longer than it typically does. Probably, all that stickiness made the lipstick adhere to my lips. It also ensured that there was no feathering and I tried this out with a dark lipstick which typically feathers on me.

NYX Deep Nude Lip Primer

To summarize, the NYX Lip Primer in Deep Nude will not necessarily make your lipstick application completely even or smooth, but it does ensure that the lipstick lasts long. Point to ponder whether that is good enough for you to invest in this primer.

Pros of NYX Deep Nude Lip Primer:

  • Lip crayon like packaging makes application easy.
  • Convenient twist-able mechanism.
  • Doesn’t tug at the lips.
  • Makes the lipstick application look even.
  • Makes the lipstick last longer.
  • Prevents feathering of lipsticks.
  • Transparent shade does not alter the shade of the lipstick – this might be a con if you are actually trying to conceal your lips in case of a sheer lipstick.

Cons of NYX Deep Nude Lip Primer:

  • Coats the lips with a thin waxy film.
  • Does not hide the lip lines.
  • Is not a concealer and will not help if you are trying to run away from your original lip color.
  • If you go overboard with the primer, it will make your lips look patchy.

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Would I Recommend/Repurchase NYX Deep Nude Lip Primer?

Probably not as it is not the best lip primer out there.  I will not repurchase as I was not overtly impressed by the results.

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