NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick – Sparkling Apricot

NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick – Sparkling Apricot

By Shuvashree Biswas

Hi Dolls,

How is everyone doing today? I am honestly grateful here at IMBB, I love this place, and it’s like somewhere I can go and forget about everything and feel like in peace. Especially with work and family, I feel writing for IMBB is like my own retreat from the hustle and bustle of my daily life. The beautiful outfits, creative accessories, and of course the eye-catching makeup all rolled up makes one big treat for me. I thank and salute IMBB for creating such a wonderful forum for people around the world to spread love, art and beauty.

Now moving on to my review, so today I was clearing out my and throwing out old make up when I found one of my old favorite. I bought this piece as a part of my wedding trousseau and realized I completely forgot all about it, it’s the Nyx Diamond Sparkle, Sparkling Apricot Lipstick.

I bought this when I went crazy shopping for my wedding (more like end of the world and buy and hoard everything my hand can lay on). This is a part of Nyx’s diamond collection that was 22 other shades available. The packaging is quite simple black cover top in plastic, but what I really loved about this product is that it has this transparent clear bottom, where you can see the color of the lipstick. I thought that was clever and quite cute to look at too.

The color is very warm coral and has a sparkly shimmer to it almost like a nice champagne gold. I am not a big fan of the shimmer effect but I do use this lipstick on other warm colors to add that nice frosty shimmer to it. The formula is quite nice, smooth and creamy also it is sheer and not opaque like it looks. The texture is nice and the finish is very good too and medium pigmentation as well. The best part about this lipstick is that even when the color comes off there is always a little sparkle that is left behind. Now some people may not like it but I always loved a little sparkle.


I reckon on its own the color doesn’t really suit me at all, probably because of my complexion and my distaste of shimmer but with other colors its works wonders. On its own the color makes me look like those futuristic “robo” girls of the 90’s. This product had no smell or anything (slight disappointment) but overall it does its job brilliantly.

It glides in very smooth so no problem with the application. For the price I think it is worth the money (Rs 600). The best part about this lipstick doesn’t feel very gritty unlike other frosty lipstick. The color stayed on me for hours, which was also a bonus. The product did not dry off and was not at all oily or greasy.

The main downside of this lipstick is that the color and the frostiness may not be a favorite among most people. But like I said and suggested the best way to use this baby, is to wear it on another color and you’re good to go. Also some may not find it as opaque as it looks. Another factor is the packaging, it eats up a lot of space, and it is not at all pocket friendly. So if you’re looking to just stuff your phone, cash and this lippy in your party clutch then forget about this product, it just won’t fit!!


Pros of NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick – Sparkling Apricot

Beautiful shimmer frosty coral color.
Moisturizes and glides easy.
No grittiness unlike other frosty lippys.
Smooth creamy formula.
Long lasting.
Cute packaging.

Cons of NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick – Sparkling Apricot

The color might be a little too loud on its own.
Some might find the packaging too big compared to other lipstick.


IMBB rating:

3.5/5 No I doubt I will buy this color again but might try the other colors available.

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5 thoughts on “NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick – Sparkling Apricot

  1. Good Review Suvashree… But the shimmer is a bit too much….I am really liking the nail polish you have worn…

  2. hey Shuvashree i too love your nail color…which one is it…..i too have these lipsticks and honestly it’s too sparkly for me *nababana*

  3. I doubt if I can ever pull off such a shining sparkling shade….However it looks lovely on your lips…. Great review and I loved your nail polish too… 🙂 🙂

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