NYX ES 96 Hot Pink Eyeshadow Review

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I’m back to reviewing some eye shadows. I bought some NYX eye shadows to try out. Let’s see how they fare 🙂

NYX ES 96 Hot Pink Eyeshadow

Product Description:
NYX’s Single Eye shadow is richly pigmented eye shadow in over 160 shades. Soft and silky NYX Single Eye shadows are great on their on their own or blended for a beautiful prism of colors .This top-selling eye shadow is formulated with the highest minerals for long-lasting wear.

INR 375

My Experience with NYX ES 96 Hot Pink Eyeshadow:

Nyx single eye shadows comes in a cute little rectangular packaging. The front is transparent to help you see the shade clearly. It opens and shuts with an audible click. Once locked, it doesn’t open up if kept in your purse or handbag. I like the simple packaging.

NYX ES 96 Hot Pink Eyeshadow  3

The reason why I bought ‘Hot Pink’ is that, I knew I could easily double it up as a pretty blush :p From outside it looked like a beautiful mauvy pink shade with blue shimmer and so, I picked it up. There wasn’t any tester around, so I judged it just by looking at it. When i came home and swatched it, it seemed very hard and the color just did not show up no matter how much product I used. The blue shimmers were quite big to call them ‘shimmers’. I would rather call them glitters. They moved everywhere making the swatch look like a glittery mess.

NYX ES 96 Hot Pink Eyeshadow  5

This one is very hard and not at all smooth like the previous eyeshadows. It is rough but it does blend easily. I am really not a fan of its texture. It applies very patchy and you have to blend it to get the color distributed well. While you do that, the glitters spread everywhere instead of staying put.

NYX ES 96 Hot Pink Eyeshadow  6

Staying Power:
It stayed on my lids for 1-2 hours without a primer. You have to put a lot of it to actually show it up on the skin.

NYX ES 96 Hot Pink Eyeshadow  7

Pros of NYX ES 96 Hot Pink Eyeshadow:

  • Really pretty shade to look at.
  • No fallout.
  • Nice packaging.
  • Blends very easily.

Cons of NYX ES 96 Hot Pink Eyeshadow:

  • The eye shadow needs to be built up to actually show properly on the lids.
  • Hard and rough texture.
  • Creates a glittery mess.

IMBB Rating:
1 / 5

Final Verdict:
Skip this one. Try the others.

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