NYX Eyebrow Kit with Stencil- For Everyone

NYX Eyebrow Kit With Stencil- For Everyone

Hello Lovely girls,

Today I am here with another review from NYX and it’s totally different from my monotonous lipstick, blushes and eyshadows review. It’s an eyebrow kit from NYX, so today I am gonna solve the problems of the girls who are not blessed with that dense great eyebrows. Whether you are extremely fair or dusky, this kit is for everyone. So read further.
Price:- INR 900 for 2g.

Shelf Life:- 3 YearsNYX_Eyebrow_Kit_With_Stencil-_For_Everyone__4_

Kit Contains:- 4 Color Eyebrow Powders, 3 Stencils, 2 Brushes.

Product Description:– Frame the windows to your soul with a set of exquisite eyebrows. Eyebrow Kit with Stencil helps you shape, fill and transform your arches like never before. Each kit comes with:
• 4 shades of color
• Eyebrow comb
• Eyebrow brush
• 3 different eyebrow stencil shapes.


Packaging:- The kit comes in a rectangular 14x 12.5 cm cardboard box. The box is kept closed with a rubberband. Over the lid branding is done, with some info, and a big image of an eye is there . After opening the lid you will find a decent sized mirror, enough to see your face. And the details on how to use the whole kit and get dashing eyebrows. It has 3 different sized stencils. And a tapered small eyebrow brush, for applying the powders nicely, and an eyebrow comb. I find the packaging attractive, but not sturdy or travel friendly, it is almost like carrying a small book with you.


My Experience with NYX Eyebrow Kit With Stencil- For Everyone

After seeing some review on IMBB, I was tempted towards the eyebrow kit with wax, but I didn’t find it but got this one though. It has 3 kind of powders for eyebrows and one white shade for highlighting the brow bone. The 2nd shade is soft caramel brown color, 3rd one is dark chocolate brown color and the 4th one is black color. I follow the rule and use the third shade, and really they give me natural looking perfect eyebrows. The powders have a soft, smooth texture.But their is a little fallout on the eyelids during application but it can be wiped off. I think they can be used as eyeshadows too. They are perfectly designed for Indian skin tones. They suggest to select the shade that is half shade darker than your hair color. The stencils are a bit tricky to use. But for newbies it can really help, sculpting a perfect shaped eyebrow. These powders really gives a naturally looking eyebrows if you use the right kind of shade. They are very well pigmented, you will need just 2 strokes to fill the eyebrows completely. They blend between the brows effortlessly, thus giving a more natural look. It gives a nice definition to your eyebrows and changes the overall look. Well these powders are waterproof as well, but can get wash off with soap based cleanser. I think eyebrows are a place that remains almost untouched throughout the day, and so the powder lasts very long, like whole day, as long as you don’t wash your face.


Pros of NYX Eyebrow Kit with Stencil- For Everyone

• Kit contains everything needed for a perfectly shaped eyebrows.
• Easy to use kit, newbies can handle it.
• 3 shades for every skin tone, 1 highligting shade
• I think this kit is for everyone and suitable for every skin tone.
• Texture is soft & smooth
• Gives natural looking eyebrows, if perfect shade is used to fill in
• Blends easily to create a more natural look
• Very well pigmented powders
• Applicators are provided
• Waterproof
• Lasts very long.



Cons of NYX Eyebrow Kit with Stencil- For Everyone

• I didn’t find the packaging sturdy and travel friendly.
• A little fallout happens during eyebrow filling.
• A bit pricey(if discount is not offered)
• A think this kit is not easily available in Indian websites.


Recommendation:- Yes I will strongly recommend it those who don’t have those perfect brows, and those who are new in the world of makeup, and love a well groomed brow. Definitely give this kit a try. You will love it.

IMBB Rating
:- 4.5/ 5.


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  1. i saw this on beauty kafe site. it was for 900INR but on discount for 657INR but right now it’s all sold out unfortunately.
    nice review supriya *drool*

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