NYX Eyebrow Shaper Review

NYX Eyebrow Shaper

When I did realize the importance of dense and groomed eyebrows, and also how much change they can bring to you’re all over face and makeup after then I started hoarding lots of eyebrow products. No matter how much I have to pay for them; I just wanted my perfect eyebrows to be super perfect and a little darker. One day when I was going through an online website I saw this product and without a second thought I just bought it.


Details: Tame unruly eyebrows with this ingenious wax pencil. The blend of waxes is enriched with Vitamin E and leaves arches in tip-top condition and impeccable shape, with just a few strokes.

Price: $ 8.75 and INR 480 in different websites.

Packaging: The wax comes in sharpen able fat pencil, with a transparent white cap; the cap is air tight and won’t come off itself. The pencil comes safely enclosed in a hard plastic pack. The wax is almost colorless, little dull white in color. The packaging is simple and travel friendly.

My Experience with NYX Eyebrow Shaper:

Texture: The wax is thick but smooth in texture. It’s not that stiff to tug or pull the brows, the application is very easy on brows, without tugging. It feels a little heavy and sticky on brows, when you wear it. You can feel that you’re wearing something in your brows. The waxy texture helps lays the eyebrow’s hair flat and they stay that way for a long time.

NYXEyebrow Shaper

Staying Power: I noticed the fact that the wax works best when I layer 3-4 thick layers of it. Then it lasts for 7-8 hrs or so. But when you’ll just wear it lightly in one layer, the waxy-ness stays only for 1.5 hrs only. The thing I noticed that the wax is not at all water or sweat proof.

Uses: This product is apt for those who have long, dense and unruly brow hairs and if you’re into growing it. And if you’re blessed with medium brows, this product can really enhance and will give the effect of nicely shaped, arched brows, without using any kind of brow pencil. The wax doesn’t hinder the application of eyebrow pencil over it. The wax is really apt for powder eyebrow fillers and if you’re running out of your wax from the kit. They’ll just stick to it and stays like that for longer. Don’t expect this wax to help grow or thicken your brow hair, but it’s just a simple wax for eyebrows. It makes your brows appear perfectly shaped, set, shiny and clean.

NYX Eyebrow Shaper

Pros of NYX Eyebrow Shaper:

• The texture is waxy though really smooth.
• Glides very easily on brows.
• The waxy and heavy feeling on brows doesn’t linger for long.
• Is really an apt product to make your eyebrow powder or pencil stay longer.
• Will stay very long for 7-8 hrs when you wear it in thick layer.
• Gives medium brow hair dense and shaped look.
• Perfectly for those who have thick and unruly brow hair, which doesn’t stay set in place.
• The wax consists of vitamin-e.
• It makes brows appear shiny and clean.
• It doesn’t hinder the application of eyebrow pencils.
• Packaging is really convenient to use and travel friendly
• It’ll not make your brows hair hard and stiff, instead keeps them softer

NYX EyebrowShaper

Cons of NYX Eyebrow Shaper:

• The waxi- ness of the wax can make somebody feel irritated.
• When worn lightly in 1 single layer, it doesn’t tend to stay very long; it’ll just stay for couple of hrs.
• Is not completely waterproof.
• Don’t think this will helps growing or thickening your brow hairs, even I was expecting that kind of miracles from it, but no results at all. It’s just a simple brow wax, which help stay your powder fillers stay longer.
• I think INR 480 is too much for a simple pencil form brow wax. Even I think I paid more for it.

Recommendation: Yes, surely I’ll recommend this to everyone, especially those beauties who have the “krurh Singh” 😀 type brows.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/ 5

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  1. i’m always apprehensive of using any eyebrow stuff!
    but i’ll definitely recommend it to my bestie…… she has those krurh singh eyebrows as you said :p

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