NYX Eyeshadow Flamingo Review

NYX Eyeshadow Flamingo

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing good and enjoying the festive season along with the monsoons. Today I  am here with a product named flamingo, no I am not talking about the bird but a unique and beautiful eye shadow named flamingo!

Product Description:

NYX’s Single Eye shadow is richly pigmented eye shadow in over 160 shades. Soft and silky NYX Single Eye shadows are great on their on their own or blended for a beautiful prism of colors .This top-selling eye shadow is formulated with the highest minerals for long-lasting wear.


Rs 375 for 2.7 grams.

My Experience with NYX EyeshadowFlamingo:

The eye shadow comes in a basic small black square packaging with a transparent lid, which shuts well but it doesn’t come with a mirror or an applicator. The ingredients list is mentioned on the backside along with other details. The packaging is good but slightly boring.

Coming to the shadow I absolutely love this color since it is so unique and really stands out from all the other eye shadows I have! The color is quite complex and extremely hard to describe but I will try my best, it is a duo chrome shadow, the color is rose gold with little purple and pink and has barely there hints of taupe in it.


It looks more pink and slightly different in the pan but when swatched the purple and gold in it really comes out which make it much more wearable than many other pink eye shadows. I feel the color will show up differently on everyone depending on one’s skin tone, and it also looks quite different under different lighting and in different angles as well. It has amazing gold sheen to it, the shimmers very subtle and non-gritty. I like wearing it alone all over the lid with some black liner, it really looks like I have applied two to three colors and taken lot of efforts in blending them out really well creating an effortless look which is certainly not the case 😛 It looks equally good when paired with other colors in crease. It gives a subtle but polished look, and gives an illusion of bigger awake eyes which is always welcomed 😀 and makes a great lid color for everyday wear as well.I think everyone needs to try this eye shadow.

The texture is smooth, but not overly soft as a result there is no fallout with this one, it is not at all hard or chalky either. It blends out very easily. The color itself is on the sheer side so it is not extremely pigmented, but it does cover slight pigmentation on my lids and gives enough color payoff more like a wash of color. As a result it can be worn on top of other shadows as well, using a primer underneath does improve the color payoff. Those with really pigmented eyelids may need to apply a concealer to even out, for this eye shadow to show up well in its full intensity.


I have worn it without a primer on my oily eyelids and it was intact for around 5 hours after which there was creasing and fading, but a primer extends the wear time considerably.


Pros of NYX Eyeshadow Flamingo:

• Gorgeous duo chrome color.
• Texture is smooth and blends very easily.
• Decent pigmentation.
• Shimmer present is very fine and non-gritty.
• Hardly any fallout.
• Decent staying power.


Cons of NYX Eyeshadow Flamingo:

• This particular shade is on the sheer side.
• Not all the shades are easily available here.
Do I recommend NYX Eyeshadow Flamingo?
I highly recommend this color, it is quite unique and gorgeous in its own way!

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