NYX Glitter Primer Review

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Hello, ladies!

Last month, I purchased some eye glitters and then I realized that I also need a glitter base for the perfect application. But, here in India, I couldn’t find many products except this NYX Glitter Primer. So, I picked this one and have already used it so many times. Now, let’s get into the detailed review.

NYX Glitter Primer Review

Price: INR 600 for 10ml
Product Description:
Minimise glitter fallout and keep each and every sparkle in its place with new NYX Glitter Primer – a light and creamy formula that sets and then holds on tight.

NYX Glitter Primer Review Ingredients

My Experience with NYX Glitter Primer:

NYX Glitter Primer Review Box

NYX primer comes in a nice black and shiny packaging with some information and demo look. Actual primer is in a small shiny tube with a pointed tiny dispenser that provides the perfect amount of the primer and makes it easy to use. It is a pretty simple and nice packaging. Though it contains only 10ml of product, I only need coin-size amount, and so it will last for a long time. It is a primer for glitters that I can use on my eyes, lips and my body as well. It is a multi usable base product for glitters.

NYX Glitter Primer Review Closed tube

This primer has a nice medium off-white creamy texture that glides easily on the skin, and initially, it doesn’t feel that sticky. It smoothly blends on my eyelids and feels very light as well. After a few seconds, it gets sticky and feels like a primer glue, which is a good part. It doesn’t feel dry or patchy at all, so I can take my time to apply the glitters on it but not too much of time. For small areas, like eyes, it works fine but when it comes to lips, then I need to work faster or otherwise this primer dries up. So, basically, I need to apply it on the area where I want to place my glitters, and then, with a help of a brush, I just need to dab the glitters on it. It instantly helps to stick the glitters over it and acts as a strong base for them.

NYX Glitter Primer Review Open tube

This primer helps to stay the glitter in proper place and prevents messy fallout. This primer never feels heavy, and it never makes my eye makeup patchy. It keeps them smooth and flawless. We use a glitter base to keep the glitter in place, and this primer does its job perfectly. Apart from a strong base, it also helps to increase the shine of glitter to place them properly.

NYX Glitter Primer Review Close up tip

NYX Glitter Primer Review Close up

This primer keeps the glitter for long on the eyes and doesn’t make them look messy. It also prevents creasing. I didn’t use any other glitter primer so I can’t compare it with any other product, but this one works so well with any kind of glitters. Only, it is not super sticky so if I touch my eyes my glitters fall a little. Maybe it happens with all primers, so can’t judge in this way.

NYX Glitter Primer Review Hand Swatch

Overall, it works so nicely, and totally gives me a flawless, strong base for my eye makeup. I can also apply glitter on my lips with this and it will still work wonders to create a glittery lip makeup. It works in various ways and does as it claims. At this price rate, it is totally a worth buy. I am super satisfied with this primer.

NYX Glitter Primer Review Eyes and lips Swatch

Pros of NYX Glitter Primer:

  • Pretty packaging
  • Affordable
  • Nice smooth and soft texture
  • Doesn’t dry out quickly
  • Turns into nice sticky base which sticks glitters perfectly
  • Helps to prevents fall out and keep them in proper place
  • Helps to avoid messy application
  • Makes them last longer and perfectly
  • Prevents creasing
  • Helps to enhance the shine
  • Never feels patchy or heavy

Cons of NYX Glitter Primer:

  • Couldn’t find any big cons. Only that it needs quick application of glitters for wide areas, or otherwise it dries out

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend NYX Glitter Primer?
Yes, to both.

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