NYX #Glittergoals Kit 2 Review

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Glitter is so much in trend these days and you too can be a trendsetter by just adding some glitter glam to your makeup look. Be it eye makeup or creative lip look, a tint of glitter in your makeup look can change your makeup game. In today’s post, I’ve got to tell you about my recent purchase from NYX i.e. NYX glitter goal kit. Let’s read on to know more about this kit.

NYX Glittergoals Kit 2 Review

Product Description:
Need a little more glitter in your life? Now you can shine through the holidays and beyond with our limited edition #GLITTERGOALS Kits! Available in three shimmering assortments, each kit features three lustrous shades of Face & Body Glitter and one travel-friendly tube of our vitamin E-infused Glitter Primer to set, hold, and keep those crazy-bright sparkles in line. This kit includes: Gold, Copper and brand new shade Ruby.

NYX Glittergoals Kit 2 Review Details


My Experience with NYX #Glittergoals Kit 2:

I always wanted to have glitter pigments in my vanity and I was eyeing on MAC pigments since a very long time. These remained unmarked in my to-buy list for long and when I got this NYX glittergoals kit, I could finally strike out MAC pigment from my list. I thought of buying a single pigment, but ended up buy a whole kit for myself with not one, not two, but three gorgeous shades in it. It also comes with a glitter glue and you need not purchase a separate glue or adhesive for this one. If you haven’t tried glitter yet, this may be a good option to purchase as it contains both the adhesive and the glitter pigments in it. This kit is a good buy for beginners as the glitter glue makes it very convenient to apply the glitter. You can read the full review of the glue here.

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NYX Glittergoals Kit 2 Review Packaging

It comes protected in a sealed black cardboard box. Inside the box is a plastic black color case that has been sectioned into two. One for the glue and the other for glitter bottles. This case holds these products well and doesn’t come off even when I tried to place it upside down. It’s up to you to store it in the case for further use or dispose the box and plastic case to save space in your vanity. You have all the necessary information, ingredients and shade of colors mentioned behind the box. I quite liked the packaging and as a kit, I find it to be perfect.

NYX Glittergoals Kit 2 Review Inside Case

NYX Glittergoals Kit 2 Review Without Outer Cover

There are three kits from their glittergoals range. I choose kit number 2 as I liked these shades more than the other shades in other kits. This kit contains a copper shade, a gold shade and a newly launched shade– ruby in this kit. All these three shades of glitter look absolutely gorgeous on application and I thought these shades would compliment my eye makeup looks during weddings. I always love wearing these kind of shades when I have a wedding to attend and since it had gold glitter in it, I chose this kit without thinking much.

NYX Glittergoals Kit 2 Review Glitters Stack

NYX Glittergoals Kit 2 Review Products in Kit

These shades will compliment all the skin tones and the glitter in it are very fine and nice too. It looks beautiful after application and has a very subtle shine in it. Both the glitters and the glue work great and I’ve never had any issue with it. Each shade comes in a separate transparent plastic pot arranged one above the other. It also has a lid with tiny holes that will help you dust the glitter. In case you plan to apply glitter on larger areas of your skin or body, you can dust it on your skin. Otherwise, if you plan to use the glitter for makeup purpose, I recommend removing the lid and dipping the brush in the glitter for application. I actually liked how smartly they’ve packed these glitters and there is no scope of glitter falling off from the pots. This kind of packaging makes it very easy and safe to use.

NYX Glittergoals Kit 2 Review Glitters Cap Open

NYX Glittergoals Kit 2 Review Glitters

However, removing the glitter may require a little effort from your side. You have to make sure that you remove it completely and you need to have some patience as it doesn’t come off very easily. It comes off easily when in contact with water. These kits are affordable too. However, the price differs from country to country. I got these for $25 from Singapore and it’ll cost a little less in US. Sadly, these kits aren’t easily available in India yet. Overall, I really liked the kit and it was a good buy.

NYX Glittergoals Kit 2 Review Hand Swatch

NYX Glittergoals Kit 2 Review Eye Swatch

Pros of NYX #Glittergoals Kit 2:

  • The packaging is excellent. It is very easy and convenient to use and store the product.
  • These shades look gorgeous after application.
  • You have three options to choose from.
  • They provide a subtle shine after application.
  • You also have a glitter primer included in this kit.
  • Both the primer and the glitters work great.
  • They don’t migrate after application.
  • Stays in place for a very long time.
  • Can be used to create amazing creative makeup looks.
  • Usable for both face and body.
  • Pigmented shades.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Affordable.

Cons of NYX #Glittergoals Kit 2:

  • Removing the glitter completely may require time and effort.
  • The glitter comes off completely when it comes in contact with water.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5
Do I Recommend NYX #Glittergoals Kit 2?
Yes! In case you are looking for more glitter color options with glue, this would be a good buy. I definitely recommend this kit to everyone. So why wait? Invest in this glitter and let your creative makeup look do the talking!

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