NYX Lip Pencil- Chestnut Review

NYX Lip Pencil- Chestnut

Hello Beauties,

Today I am going to review a lip pencil from NYX in the shade Chestnut. This is a lip liner I got for myself long, long ago; my first lip liner perhaps. Those were the days of ignorance or as I would like to call it – the pre IMBB era! 😛 Today, this pencil sits quietly ignored in the corner of the huge stack of pencils that I now own. Going through the stash one day, I thought of doing justice to it by atleast reviewing it.

Price: Rs.295/- for 1gm

NYX Lip Pencil- Chestnut

Packaging: The packaging is fine. Nothing great. A simple, sharpenable wooden pencil with a plastic cap. The demarcation at the bottom of the pencil indicates the shade. The cap fits well making it travel friendly.

NYX LipPencilChestnut

My take on NYX Lip Pencil- Chestnut:

About the shade: Now this is the most important part. The shade!!! Hmmm…. This is NOT a shade for everyone!! Not for me, sure! The color looked chocolaty brown to me when I opened the cap and even when I swatched it on hand, but it looks quite different on the lips. It is not a rich, chocolaty brown, which, I would have otherwise preferred. It is in fact, a dirty, grayish brown which is quite unflattering; kind of like the bark of an old tree… know what I mean? It is not something I like to wear on its own. I just use it to outline my lips while using a brown lipstick (which again, I rarely use).

NYX Lip Pencil-Chestnut

Pigmentation and Texture: The pigmentation too is not so impressive. I use multiple short strokes for the color to show. The texture is on the harder side. Yes, it is a bit drying and there is a lot of tugging involved while applying but it does the basic job of a lip liner pretty well. It will prevent your lipstick from budging.

NYX LipPencil- Chestnut

All in all, it is a product which one can easily skip. I was thinking of doing some justice to this pencil by reviewing it. But alas! I could not think of any good thing to write about it.

P.S. : I was not even comfortable including a picture of me wearing it alone as it makes me look like I have naturally brown heavily pigmented lips. (or at least, I think so…). Anyways, attaching a pic for your reference.

NYX Lip Pencil Chestnut

Pros of NYX Lip Pencil – Chestnut:

• Prevents lipstick from bleeding/ budging

Cons of NYX Lip Pencil – Chestnut:

• I don’t like the shade. That’s the biggest con for me.
• Texture is hard
• Drying on the lips
• Involves lot of tugging

NYXLip Pencil- Chestnut

Do I recommend NYX Lip Pencil – Chestnut?

Nope- unless you really like the shade.

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5

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