NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick Review

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I am back with another lip product for you all. Yes, I am kind of high on lip products now-a-days. 😉 Today is another lipstick for you all and this one is from the brand NYX. This is my first pick from the brand and though I always used to go through the NYX aisles at my local Target, I somehow never picked anything from there. Though this is not a new range, but I was in quite a spring-y mood when I saw these lipsticks after going through the other shades from the Maybelline Rebel Bloom collection. This shade seems perfect for spring and summers and I picked it up. Okay, now before I give up all the review here itself, let us move on. 😀

NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick

Product Description:

Deep pink with yellow undertones.  Pamper your lips with a hydrating kiss of smooth Butter Lipstick in 22 luxurious shades. The delicate texture of satin fused with the high color saturation creates an even finish on lips that’s long-wearing and beautiful.

  • What it is: Full coverage lipstick that feels like it melts onto the lips.
  • What it does: Adds a pop of color to lips.
  • Why we love it: This lightweight formula is non-sticky and deposits high impact color with just one stroke.
  • How to use: Apply directly on bare lips or over lip liner/primer for more pigmentation.

NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick



Shelf Life:

12 months.

NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick

My Experience with NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick:

The lipstick comes in a color-coded bullet which has a transparent ring at the middle from where the actual bullet is visible. It has a sticker at the bottom and top with the shade name and number written on it. Very search friendly packing I would say – very easy to search in your stash. 😛

NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick

Though the cap shuts with a click, I don’t feel that it is very sturdy as I always feel that the lipstick bullet twists up whenever I try to open the cap. 🙁 And I feel that the bullet will break for sure. 🙁

The shade is really pretty and I would be wearing it in the coming spring and summer a lot. 😀 Though in the bullet, it looks like pink with red tones to it, but on my lip,  it comes out as a pretty light pink, kind of watermelon pink shade with coral undertones. I have pigmented lips and I do feel that the shade might show up differently on different people.

NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick

The texture is really good, it really feels as if it melts onto the lips. It is really buttery and glides on smoothly on the lips – no tugging, no pulling no feathering and no bleeding too. 😀 The texture is very much like a lip balm. It feels very light on lips and doesn’t feel cakey after 2-3 layers as well.  But it does settle into lip lines and lips need to be properly exfoliated before using these as they will highlight your chapped lips, even the tiniest bit of flakes and looks very unappealing.

NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick

The pigmentation disappoints me a little. It is not pigmented and at least 2-3 swipes are needed for sure. After that too, it does not cover pigmented lips fully, so their full coverage pigmentation claim falls flat.

NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick

The staying power is pretty average too. Without any meals and occasional sips of water, the lipstick stayed on me for around 2-3 hours and faded almost evenly. But it doesn’t survive snacks, leave alone meals. And with little eating, it forms a ling around the lips with a bare centre which doesn’t look good at all. So, it frequently requires reapplication. Also, it transfers like crazy – spoon, cup, glass – the lipstick was like everywhere on the cutlery. 🙁

NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick

The lipstick is hydrating though, I applied it without applying any lip balm prior and my dry lips did not feel the need of applying a lip balm while the lipstick was on.

NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick

NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick

Pros of NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick:

  • Cruelty free.
  • Glides on like butter on the lips.
  • Smooth and hydrating.
  • Wide range of colors.
  • Pretty pink shade.
  • Very wearable shade.
  • Color-coded packaging.

Cons of NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick:

  • Settles into lip lines.
  • Reapplication needed very frequently.
  • Bullet twists up while opening the cap.
  • Highlights chapped lips.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick?

I would not repurchase the same shade, but would not mind picking up a few other shades from the range.

Do I Recommend NYX Little Susie Butter Lipstick?

Comes in an array of shades, so sure it has some or the other shade for everyone. However, despite the cons, the shade is really pretty and you can try it out if you don’t mind re-applying your lipstick.

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  1. I wanna buy it too..I saw this in one of the shops here in Japan for 2000 Yen that is about $20!! So overpriced! Therefore need to re-consider. Thanks for listing the price..otherwise I would have gone and get it for more than triple price!!

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