NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review

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Hope all of you are enjoying your day! I am back again with another eye candy today from NYX. Of late, I have discovered my interest in eye makeup but being a beginner I always want to take safe ride and experiment with budget friendly products. I like Sephora Collection eyeshadow palettes as they are quite pigmented and deliver great quality for the price. However, I cannot ignore NYX for it offers good quality at perfect price. I find NYX decent for beginners like me, especially for people who want variety of matte/shimmery shades in their collection or palette.

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review11

The eye shadow palette comes in wide variety of shades, but I am lucky to get this rustic-gold palette as I find it very versatile and wearable on my pale skin tone and above that, I feel more confident sporting these rustic smoky shades. I love its cute bow on packaging, it sits proudly on my vanity table as an eye candy. Anyway, let’s read more about NYX Merci Beaucoup Love in Paris Eye Shadow Palette!

Product Description:
The City of Lights has nothing on the sparkle in your eyes. Highlight their seductive glimmer with these brilliant high-fashion palettes featuring 9 richly-pigmented shades and a dual-ended applicator for easy on-the-go touch-ups. The cute compact kits give you a world of high-fashion looks at your fingertips.


NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review1

$10 for 0.028 Oz each of 9 colorful eye shadows and 1 dual end sponge applicator, it is often available for $5 across websites

My Experience with NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette:

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review

The eyeshadows are neatly placed in a rectangular, plastic box packaging which is beyond cuteness. I so love the cute bow on the packaging that comfortably sits on my vanity kit even if I am not using it regularly. I find it quite sturdy and user friendly, hence safe for traveling purpose as well. Talking about the product, I have noticed that this palette is a mix & match of matte-shimmery shades with numbering 1 to 9 described as shimmery & matte neutrals, gold and rust.

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review2

Talking about each shade in row as per description, I see that first row comprising shade 1 (a shimmery golden off white), shade 2 (shimmery copper gold) shade 3 (shimmery peachy gold) is an intensely pigmented row with all shimmery shades and they come up way intense on my bare eyelids, but I assume that an eye primer and/or a base is the key to get maximum benefits and color payoff. And, I also find them quite velvety in texture as in they do give fallouts while working on eyes, but they always blend effortlessly with no harsh lines or uneven patchy finish so far. They seem to pair so well together while we can also mix & match them with any shade.

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review3

So far, I see that these 3 shades are just lighter, light and deep golden and they will definitely compliment every skin tone, I find them versatile for our Indian dresses. They can be worn so gracefully. The shades are apt for beginners like me who want to look their best for any wedding occasions or party. The wear time is decent for 4-5 hours on my oily eyelids with a primer and base and I am sure they will stay little longer on dry skin type. They are not drying or they usually won’t settle in my eye crease, hence I find them perfect for every skin type and skin tone so far. The good thing is that they can be used as an all over eyeshadow or simply to highlight with either a sponge applicator or eye makeup brushes.

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review4

Coming to middle row, it comprise of: shade 4 (a matte rustic brown), shade 5 (a shimmery chocolate brown) and shade 6 (bright shimmery peach with hint of orange hue). This row has one matte shade in rustic brown shade which may look ashy on paler skin tone as it tends to give me ashy look considering I have pale skin tone, I find it slightly chalky in texture as it often fails to deliver color payoff unless I swipe it with a finger or sponge applicator. But, this is applicable for every single eyeshadow in this palette, more or less. They always give decent color payoff with their sponge applicator and I see that using eye makeup brushes won’t work for them unless we highlight or blend a color.

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review6

I have a tricky experience with this row as I am learning tricks to sport peaches and matte neutrals on my pale skin tone. Moreover the shade 5 is not up to the mark as it hardly stays for 3-4 hours even; though I am happy with other two shades which are shimmery and way intense as they give intense color payoff with the sponge applicator in just 1-2 swipes. They come up satiny on eyes with minimal fall outs like other shimmery shades. I still find the last shimmery peach tricky for my skin tone but I can certainly find way of pairing it with other colors. So this row indeed adds quality to the palette.

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review7

The last row comprising of 2 matte i.e shade 7 (a mate greyish black), shade 8 (a matte icy white) and single shimmery shade 9 (a shimmery rustic brown with hint of earthy red) seem slightly disappointing as the first two matte shades are as usual powdery, chalky with poor color payoff. We can still work them up as highlighting brow bone area, but they won’t work as an overall eye color or for shading. No matter if I use my fingertips or sponge applicator, these two shades give me tough time even while using on brow bone. I was tempted to use this matte grey shade as an eyeshadow for creating smoky look, but it does not come up as desired. Thankfully it does not give fall outs with fingertips, hence using makeup brush is strictly a no-no to avoid fallouts.

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review9

But, using fingertips need a lot of patience and practice for a neat makeover. Hence, it is tricky no matter what! The shimmery shade 9 is intensely pigmented and come up way intense and satiny in finish but I have limited choices with this shade as I fear it might make me look like someone has punched me hard. 😛 Overall I find this palette so versatile that every single shade can be mixed and matched to achieve different looks from a single palette. It is definitely worth trying if only those matte shades were a little more pigmented.

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review10

If I get this palette on deal for 40-50% off, I am definitely getting other shades from this range. Otherwise, I believe in quality and not quantity, hence I would like to buy a Sephora 5 colorful eye shadow palette which delivers quality and wear time. But, for people on budget, this palette is certainly a win-win. You should definitely check it out!

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review8

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review13

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review14

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review15

NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review12

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette:

• A wide variety of rustic, gold, neutral shimmery and matte eyeshadows – all in one palette
• All the shimmery shades are way subtle and not OTT
• All shimmery shades are way intense and give good color payoff and satiny finish
• All shimmery shades give amazing wear time of 4-5 hours with primer on my oily eyelids
• Even the matte eye shadows are decent in terms of coverage and pigmentation, provided we use a sponge applicator
• All the shades can be mixed and matched to achieve a variety of looks
• Such a cute bow packaging with decent price and quality

Cons of NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette:

• I was expecting little more pigmentation and quality fromt the matte shades
• I wish the wear time was more than 4-5 hours
• The shades like rustic peach, rustic earthy red are not everyone’s cup of tea
• Talc, mineral oil type of ingredients bother me a lot these days

Well honestly, I have no issues with the palette as long as I get it on a discount for 5 bucks or as a gift. 😛 However, I am also particular about ingredients now a day, hence I cannot claim if I would get it again. But if you are fine with talc, mineral oil plus you want to start with eye makeup, this palette is a perfect pick for you!

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11 thoughts on “NYX Merci Beaucoup Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette Review

  1. This looks like an OK palette. As far as mineral oil is concerned, it’s considered good when present in makeup and bad when in skin/hair care products. Due to its large molecular size it cannot enter the pores of skin and that’s what makes it good in makeup as we don’t want our makeup to penetrate our skin layer. However, when it is present is some skincare or haircare product then it is a bad thing as we WANT our care products to penetrate into our skin layer and work their magic. So it’s a good thing these eyeshadows have mineral oil in them.

    I hope I was able to make you like mineral oil in makeup a little bit! 🙂

    xx Aditi

      1. You’re welcome Jomol. Same was the case with me since sometime back but then some research and resources helped me understand the science behind it. 🙂


        1. glad to know that aditi 🙂 but we cannot deny the slippery greasy nture of mineral oil which can be bit uncomfortable for oily skin beauties even in cosmetics as well. I am still in two minds for this ingredient as studies suggest that mineral oil definitely locks in moisture but it cannot provide hydration so it wud be gud for dry skin beauties as they can use it over their proper moisture routine to lock in hydration but sumone whose skin is already hydrated and oily guess this wonder oil can be lil tricky. hence I am yet to convnce myself if i need this even in beauty pdts or not? nonetheless ur info will certainly help ppl making choice 🙂

  2. Great info Aditi about Mineral oil. I avoid it in skin and hair care always. Don’t even pay much attention in makeup list. :/

    This palette looks really cute Neetu. Anyone would buy it for the packaging but now I get very uncomfy when using an applicator and not eye brushes.

    1. that’s true once we are habitual of using brushes we feel uncomfy with sponges n applicators and that’s why this palette might be lil tricky for us as they dnt come up way pigmented with brushes unless we swipe it multiple times 😛 what so ever for beginners it is definitely great pick shikha 🙂

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