Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder Review

By Aditya M.

Hello everyone!

We all know how difficult it can be to keep the makeup on throughout the day, which is why we are in constant search for a perfect finishing powder. So today, I will be reviewing Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder.

Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder

Product Description:
“Set it & Don’t Fret It” is the slogan for this product. This product claims to set your makeup look with a flawless finish that makes your skin appear dewy and fresh as well as radiant all through the day.

$9.99 (0.28oz) from Ulta Cosmetics

My Experience Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder:

I usually do not apply any sort of foundation. I use my morning hydrating primer(Mineral Fusion’s Hydrating Primer) and directly on top of it, I apply Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder. It keeps my skin from becoming too oily on the T-zone area, but it does not last too long.

It prevents my skin from becoming oily for 2-3 hours and then I have to keep applying it for my skin to stay matte. I have a combination skin, so I do not really apply much product on my cheek and chin area. I do apply a decent amount of product onto my t-zone area to prevent it from becoming shiny.

Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder 2

It gives a very light coverage, but it is enough to cover small blemishes. Yet, it will become sheer throughout the day and you will be able to see them, so it is not advised to use it without concealer. I had to use oil blotting sheets because this really was not helping my skin stay matte.

I do not like this as much as my Purminerals 4-in-1 Makeup because this does not last nearly as long on my face as the Purminerals one, which lasts for 3-4 hours depending on the humidity. Also, it gives me a dewy skin, if I use my Mineral Fusion primer or toner, otherwise it seems a little flakey and does not glide onto my skin easily.

Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder

I think the staying power is one of the most important quality for a finishing powder, and this definitely does not do what I want in terms of that. It lasts for a very short time and comes off pretty easily without the need of makeup remover or anything. I was a little disappointed because I have purchased other products by NYX that I had absolutely loved, but this was a little disappointing.

Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder 3

Pros of Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder:

  • Light coverage.
  • Gives a nice matte finish.
  • Does make skin dewy for the first hour or so.
  • Glides on well with any toner or primer.

Cons of Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder:

  • Does not stay on too long, which is literally its only job.

Would You Recommend Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder?
It is an okay product, but I would not recommend it. There are definitely other drugstore products that are better than this.

Would you Repurchase Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder?
No, I would rather stick to my Purminerals because of its staying power. Nyx Mineral Matte Finishing Powder has light coverage, which is a good thing, but it does not keep my face matte for too long. If the staying power was a bit better on me, I would probably consider repurchasing.

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