NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette Review

NYX Natural Eye Shadow Palette Review

I’m on my eye shadow exploration phase right now and I am eyeing those neutral eye shadow colors with matte or satin finish perfect for day make up. I wanted to get that Urban Decay Basic but I tend to get the affordable version of it from NYX. The NYX Natural Eye Shadow Palette.

NYX Natural eyeshadow palette Product Description:

Amplify your stunning eyes with the Natural Shadow Palette! This palette includes 6 nude hues that will enhance your look instantly. Define and beautify your eyes with any of the harmonizing shades for an intense or natural look.

What it is: This brilliant palette includes 6 nude hues that will define and enhance your look instantly.

What it does: Creates a variety of naturally gorgeous looks with luxurious shadows and beautiful true-to-color payoff.

Why we love it: We love that “no makeup” look and the Natural Shadow palette helps us achieve just that!

Artist tips / suggested use

  • How to use: Apply onto eye lids with the proper eye shadow brush. Blend properly if creating smokey looks.
  •  DIMENSION: 4.75” X 2.1” X 0.5” • NET WT.: 0.21 OZ (6 G)

NYX Natural eyeshadow palette

My Take on NYX Naturals Eye Shadow Palette:

I love how eye shadows can give warmth to my small eyes and hooded lids. Dusting warm brown or darker neutral colors on lids can give emphasis to the eyes as if I were naturally gifted with a bit bigger, warmer, deeper eyes when I have the opposite. 😉 Thanks to eye shadows like NYX Naturals Eye Shadow Palette.

NYX Natural eyeshadow palette

NYX Naturals Eye shadow Palette comes in a rectangular, black plastic compact. I like that half of the lid cover is transparent so you’ll be able to see the colors inside without having to open the compact. Half of the lid is opaque and black with the word “natural” printed on it. Inside the compact is a long dual ended sponge eye shadow applicator which I find useful. Overall, the packaging is simple yet it gives convenience and it is sturdy as well.

NYX Natural eyeshadow palette review This particular palette has 6 colors in it that all fall to the neutral shades very good for work and for everyday make up. Here are the colors starting from the lightest:

  • 1st – White – It has satin finish. It can be used as highlighter on areas under the arch of my brows and on the inner corners of my eyes.
  • 2nd-Beige – This is the shimmery strip among the six. It has obvious gold shimmers in it. This can transform day makeup to night. When applied on skin, it appears more of light gold than beige. It is one sparkly strip.
  • 3rd-Peach- This appears to have a matte finish. This particular shade hardly shows up on my skin. For reference, I have NC30 skin tone. But nevertheless, it has the ability to brighten my eye area when used all over the lids and can create dimension when applied on top of darker shadow.
  • 4th- Champagne- It has satin finish. Good to use all over the lids too.
  • 5th- Light Brown- It has satin finish too. Good to use all over the lids too and can be a contour for day make up.
  • 6th-Charcoal- This has satin finish but almost matte. At times, it appears as if it has low shine to it, sometimes, its flat matte to me. This is a nice contour color. This can be used to create smoky eyes as well.

NYX Natural eyeshadow palette review

They are all neutral, basic colors perfect for everyday use. Nice to wear in school, for work and to practically everywhere, whenever. Five out of the six shadows in the palette has satin finish. Only one strip is shimmery/ glittery. With that, I can say that this palette is versatile as you can use it from day to night.

Since this palette is named Natural, it tends to look natural on lids. So I do not expect high pigmentation. Most colors in the pan are leaning on the light side which hardly show color on my skin. The darkest one is true to its color. What you see in the pan, you’ll get on your skin. All others are sheer. I find then to be a bit powdery but they are much better than Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow in texture. Since it is powdery, I experienced fall outs but very minimal. They are easy to apply and blend on skin. I am glad that this last long on my lids, 6 hours on me. It is easily removed by soap and water.

NYX Natural eyeshadow palette review

NYX Naturals Eye Shadow Palette – What I like about it:

  • The packaging is simple yet it gives convenience to users.
  • The colors are neutrals. They are nude, natural and basic. The colors work well together on eyes.
  • Satin, almost matte finish. There’s one strip with shimmery/glittery finish.
  • Can be used to create day and night eye makeup.
  • The colors are very wearable.
  • Easy to blend on skin.
  •  Good staying power.
  • Affordable. It is $7 in NYX website. Php 400 in the Philippines. So that’s around Rs500.

NYX Naturals Eye Shadow Palette -What I don’t like about it:

  • Low color payoff. Primer helps. Most colors hardly show up on my skin. I believe they may not show up on some skin tones.
  • There are fall outs.
  • They are a bit powdery.

NYX neutral palette

Final thoughts:

I find NYX Naturals Eye Shadow Palette a good neutral palette to use for school and work. It is nice to use if you want to achieve a no-makeup look. It gives a nice subtle difference on eyes as it remained to look natural on lids. I am still thinking if I’ll repurchase another palette once I finished this one I have. Most likely, I I’ll explore Urban Decay Basics which is similar to this next time.

I’ll give it 3.75/5.

Always wear beauty!

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  1. i always love your pictures valarie…the background is always so beautiful 🙂 a superb natural eyeshadow palette 🙂

  2. Thanks Mily Jain, I am very interested in learning photography. I am happy that you love those photos. Thanks so much much much. 🙂

    1. That I am not sure of Neha. Here in the Philippines, we only have one NYX Store and its far from home, so I order online. I hope out find one online too. 🙂

  3. hi,firstly i love the background of your pictures,must say ur reviews look professional and interesting:)) btw i wonder if we have a dupe for urban decay naked eyeshadow palette in india.if anyone has suggestions then plz help!

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