NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff Review

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Today’s review is about an affordable pan eyeshadow from NYX. I personally love NYX for it offers the affordable range of makeup products that are vegan and cruelty-free. Let’s see if this one impressed me. so, let’s quickly get into the product details.

NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff Review

Price: $4 (INR 350)
Product Description:
Nude Matte Shadow is anything but boring. NYX’s Nude Matte Shadows are shimmer-less singles that are packed with pigment that never fails to make your eyes pop! These entirely matte eyeshadows are available in 21 new Beyond Nude shades. Meet your bold match among these rich, earthy tones. These shadows offer a perfectly plush and true-matte finish that you were always seeking.
• Soft and smooth for seamless blending.
• Shimmer-less pigments.
• Available in 21 gorgeously nude shades.
• Don’t crease or settle in the lines.

NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff Ingredients

My Experience with NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff:

NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff packaging

This eyeshadow comes in a tiny silver metallic pan and the size is a little smaller than I expected. It comes protected in a cardboard case and all the description and the ingredients have been mentioned on the case. The cardboard case is nice and sturdy and the pan can be stored well in it. That’s, if you plan to skip buying the z palette.

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This is my first pan eyeshadow and if I plan to buy a couple more pan eyeshadows I would have to invest in a z palette as well or you can try making your own magnetic palette by yourself. These days I am eyeing vibrant matte eyeshadows to experiment and create different eye makeup looks and I happened to come across this range of eyeshadows that NYX has to offer.

NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff Open

I came across this eyeshadow while shopping some makeup online and thought of giving this a try as it was affordable too. You have twenty-one pretty shades in this range but only a few shades are available in India. Most of the shades from this range are nude, and as soon as I saw this shade ‘In The Buff’, I added this shade of eyeshadow without giving a second thought, thinking how gorgeous this would look.

However, I was not very impressed by the colour much after trying the swatch on my hand for the first time. When I saw this shade on the e-commerce site it appeared like a bright navy shade. So in my mind, I imagined how vibrant and intense this would look after application. But this shadow doesn’t look any great in reality as it neither looks vibrant nor has that intense colour. It is a navy blue eyeshadow with ashy undertones, which I completely dislike.

NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff Pan

The texture of the eyeshadow is powdery and not smooth at all. It looks patchy after application and requires a lot of effort in blending. The pigmentation is not that bad but definitely not that great either. It is a matte eyeshadow with no shine or shimmer in it. When it comes to matte eyeshadows I always prefer eyeshadows that are very pigmented and the ones with smooth texture.

I had a lot of problem in applying this eyeshadow as I had to swipe and build the shade multiple times onto my lids. Moreover, blending this eyeshadow felt like a big task to me as it appeared all patchy.

NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff Swatch

The staying power isn’t any great either. It fades within a couple of hours and fades out completely when it comes in contact with water. But one good thing about this eyeshadow is that is doesn’t crease or settle into the lines. It does live up to its claim of not creasing. Applying an eyeshadow base is a must for this eyeshadow to improve the longevity of the makeup.

Overall, I can conclude that this eyeshadow wasn’t a good buy and I would never recommend this to anyone. I love using many makeup products from this brand but this eyeshadow didn’t live up to my expectations.

NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff EOTD

Pros of NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff:

• Decent packaging.
• Affordable.
• Easily available.
• Doesn’t settle into the fine lines.

Cons of NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff:

• Powdery texture.
• Looks patchy after application.
• Hard to blend.
• Has an ashy undertone which I personally disliked.
• Not very impressed with the shade.
• Not very pigmented.
• Multiple swipes need to be applied to build up the colour.
• Poor staying power.
• An eyeshadow base is necessary for it to last longer.

IMBB Rating: 1.5/5
Would I Recommend NYX Nude Matte Pro Shadow Refills In The Buff?

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