NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer Review

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I am completely addicted to eyeshadows in every way, shape and form. And, it is even better if it is glitter! I bring to you another shade from the NYX Roll On Eye Shimmer today, hopefully this will inspire you to create that sexy, bold steel look that will make you look like every inch of powerhouse that you are! Enjoy and spread love!

NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer Review

Product Description:

Brighten up with Roll on Shimmer! Add lustre to your look with our brilliant shades that roll easily onto eyes, face and body. You control the intensity of the pigment! Easily blend the shimmer powder using a brush or fingers, then pop it into your purse for on-the-go sparkle.


NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer Review

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USD 4 for 1.5 grams and these are easily available in all Sephora outlets in India.

My Experience with NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer:

These pocket, purse and even stick-in-your-cleavage-to-reapply-later-at-the-club friendly roll on’s come in conveniently transparent, hard plastic packaging with a screw on top. You get the see the colour easily, but please note that this product does settle if lying in the store for a while. So, do not be alarmed if the tube you picked up looks like it has got a lot less in it than another tube in the same shade or something. There is a rollerball application on the top, once you screw the lid off and it is pretty basic. Again, I would prefer if this came with a sifter lid to make my life easier and my face glitter free (just glitter everywhere during application), but it’s a hard life we lead ladies. Hehe!

NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer Review

I don’t know how people claim that they can use these without a mirror. It’s a lie, I tell you! For some reason this particular shade seems to have more glitter in it flying around during application than the other shades that I have reviewed recently. Although, Platinum is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous colour on the eyes, this glitter mania it causes needs me to change my entire makeup application process. When I use this shade, I have to do my eye makeup even before I can moisturise the rest of my face. I swear, if I get this tube of shimmer open one day I’m going to try it out on hair for like fancy Indian weddings and other evening functions, I can imagine only good things will happen!

NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer Review

So, the best way to use this product, and I feel the need to reiterate, is to use it before doing any other aspect of your makeup. You also need to apply these over some eye primer, like Inglot Duraline or a MAC paintpot because these babies will give you a crap load of fall out on your under eye area, otherwise. This shade has been harder to manipulate for me than the other ones I have from this range because it doesn’t allow me to use any eye liner over it; the whole thing just becomes a fat glittery mess on my eyes.

NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer Review

Again, I have issues with the roll on application, I never get an even amount on my eyes when I roll it and if I roll over an area where product has already been deposited, there’s more glitter chunks just flying around. Also, sometimes I have to roll it too hard on my eyelids to get the colour out. Time and patience is key with this shade, do not use Platinum if you’re in a hurry to get ready! I also find that if I dab over the product with a small headed concealer brush very gently after application, this particular shade does last me longer. You have to remember to not rub your eyes even accidentally though, because then your eye makeup would be completely destroyed.

NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer Review

Platinum is, however, a brilliantly white with silver glitter shade and people of any skin tone could work this shade and completely rock it! I would not suggest this particular shade for use, anywhere else on your body, for example back or décolletage, unless you want to look like Edward from Twilight and the way his skin shines as he walks around in the sun. On my skin tone, it just makes me look like a tacky vampire, seriously! The shimmer itself is very smooth and maybe, at times, a little too sparkly. This is something I never thought I would say ever in my whole life! This shade has not creased on me, it is very opaque and the intensity of this colour does not decrease even with 6 hours of wear.


NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer Review

NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer Review

Pros of NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer:

• Cheap.
• Available in a variety of colours.
• Very opaque.

Cons of NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer:

• Contains parabens in the formulation.
• This is a very powerful shade that could make you look like an intergalactic alien princess, straight out of Star Wars.
• The shimmer gets everywhere so you need to use this with a primer or cream base.

IMBB Rating:

2/5, solely due to the Parabens in the ingredients.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend NYX Platinum Roll On Eye Shimmer?

Unfortunately neither, because I am fully trying to avoid any product with Parabens in it, so I could not recommend it to you either. If NYX was to change the formulation of these Roll On Shimmers, I would quite possibly squish you in a queue to get to these shades first!

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    1. Inglot body sparkles in the number 65 will be your one true love for sure then! It’s pricier than this at INR 1000 but it’ll be worth it!
      I’ll do a review for you of a blush I’ve got as well that I use on my eyes (such a rebel) because it’s a beautiful shimmery rose gold!!

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