NYX Rose Sheer Gloss Review

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It has been such a long time since I have written an article here! Due to some bad health issues, I was not able to write or comment on other posts much! But not a day has passed without me checking IMBB! It has become a sort of habit for me! I have been reading all the amazing articles that are being posted here every day! But I am doing better now, and would try my best to write as much as I can! The product that I would be reviewing today is “NYX Sheer Tube Gloss” in the shade “Rose.”

NYX Rose Sheer Gloss

Product Description:

NYX’s Sheer Lip Gloss offers just the right amount of colour and shine. The formula containing mineral oils provide moisture and protection. Lip Gloss can be worn alone or over lipstick to add super shine.


Got it online for approximately USD 4.50


NYX Rose Sheer Gloss

My Experience with NYX Rose Sheer Gloss:

This range consists of 24 shades in all and most of them are sheer.

Packaging:  The gloss comes in a long, slender tube, with a cute floral design on it. It has a black screw cap which fits well. One has to squeeze the tube in order to get the product out on the brush applicator. I am not a fan of such kind of applicators. Though the brush is really soft and gentle on the lips, it should have been a bit wider and fanned out a bit more. Otherwise, the packaging is pretty mess free. Since the tube is transparent, it is easy to spot this product in my stash of lip colors.

NYX Rose Sheer Gloss

Color/Texture/Smell:  The color is a gorgeous dusty rose pink in the tube. When applied, it actually looks like a clear gloss! I know that it is supposed to be sheer and I cannot expect it to perform like a super pigmented gloss. But at least some color should show up on the lips!! So, considering pigmentation, this particular shade is not so good! However, I can’t say the same about the other shades.

NYX Rose Sheer Gloss

It has some kind of nice fruity smell. It does linger for some time, but I do not find it bothersome at all. The texture is slightly thick and sticky; neither runny nor too thick. It does not feel too heavy on the lips, but I can definitely feel the gloss (it isn’t the weightless shine ones). If I try to layer it up to get more pigmentation, it looks artificial and gloopy.

NYX Rose Sheer Gloss

Performance:  This provides a good amount of shine, without looking over-the-top (making it good enough for daily wear as well). The staying power is quite good. It lasts on my lips for about 4 hours (including meals). Though the sheen, and the hint of color start fading after 1-1 ½ hour, I can definitely feel the gloss even for hours after that. It does transfer a bit on to cups and glasses, but definitely lesser than other glosses that I have used. It keeps lips moisturized for a long time, and even after the gloss wears off.

NYX Rose Sheer Gloss

Pros of NYX Rose Sheer Gloss:

  • Affordable.
  • Cute, sturdy, mess-free packaging.
  • Wide range of shades; 24 shades to choose from.
  • Keeps lips soft and moisturized.
  • Good texture – neither runny nor too thick.
  • Smooth application.
  • Soft, gentle brush applicator.
  • Nice, subtle fragrance.
  • Decent (not over-the-top) sheen.
  • Decent staying power.
  • Value for money; one tube will go a long way.

NYX Rose Sheer Gloss

Cons of NYX Rose Sheer Gloss:

  • This particular shade is really sheer and I can barely notice any color on my lips.
  • Won’t work too well on pigmented lips.
  • Trying to layer this gloss can make lips look a bit gloopy.
  • The brush could have been a wider.
  • Not easily available in India. It is available online on a few Indian sites though for approximately INR 450.

IMBB Rating:



This is a pretty nice product to own and I would love to try other shades from this range. But I would not really buy this particular shade again, since it looks like an almost clear gloss on me. Do give this range a try!!

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