NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment CES51 Review

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today, I am back with one of my favorite brands “NYX.” Today, I have an eye shadow pigment from NYX and it is called Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigment. These pigments are available in numerous shades, but as I was never into pigments, I never bought any of these.  I do have 1-2 pigments from NYX, but this is my first chromatic pigment. The color I have today is called “Sand.”

NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment

Product Quantity:

2 gm (thought the quantity is not much, but as it is a loose pigment, it seems to be lot more than what actually you can see).


INR 475

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NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment


Like MAC pigments, these pigments too come in a transparent plastic jar with a black colored lid. The size of the jar is smaller than the MAC ones, but they are a lot cheaper too. Beneath the black lid, there is a transparent plastic safety lid which actually protects the shadow from going all over the place.  It’s a loose pigment and hence one needs to be really careful while opening the lid.

NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment

Product Description:

Eyeshadow pigment in metallic finish. As the name suggests, this highly-pigmented single color eye shadow offers a dramatic, metallic and iridescent glow that turns heads.

My Take on NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment CES51:

Color: When I was ordering this, I assumed it to be a shade of brown, but in the pictures, it was looking more like a baby pink colored pigment.  But when it actually came to me, I realized that my assumption was wrong. The color is not even remotely brown, it is actually a light shimmery pink.  The pigment is full of minute silver-colored shimmer particles which make the color look even prettier on the lids. The color is suitable for a casual day look, but also look extremely pretty in the inner corners of the eyes.

NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment


The color is beautifully pigmented, though a single layer of shadow imparts good color to the lids.  Applying more coats enhances the beauty of the shadow. The pigment is easy to layer and there is not much issue with fallout.

NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment


The pigment is extremely easy to use and very smooth.  It blends on nicely with the other colors. The best way to apply this is to pat on the color to the lids and then blend it softly. I personally prefer to dust out a little shadow on the and then use that color over my lids, this way I am saved from taking extra product on my brush which actually helps during application.

NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment

Staying Power:

The shadow can be applied directly to the lids, there’s no issue of particles falling all over, but this way the product might not stay for a long time on the lids. Applying a good primer not only increases the staying power of the pigment, it also makes it stick even better. The color might crease on the lids after 3-4 hours, especially on oily lids, but that means that the product is staying for that long. Creasing can also be reduced with the help of a good primer.

NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment

Pros of NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment CES51:

  • Beautiful shimmery pink.
  • Shimmer is not chunky, does not irritate eyes and does not feel heavy.
  • Cute and travel-friendly packaging.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Can be layered on.
  • If patted on properly, there’s no issue of fallouts.
  • Smooth to apply.
  • Decent staying power.
  • Can be used wet or dry.

NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment

Cons of NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow Pigment CES51:

  • Color might crease after a few hours.

Would I Repurchase NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow CES51?

Not this one, as it will take me ages to finish this much product, but yes after trying this color, I would love to get some more of these.

Would I Recommend NYX Sand Chrome Eyeshadow CES51?

Yes! It’s one of the easiest pigments to work with.

IMBB Rating:


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