NYX Single Eyeshadow – Fahrenheit Review

NYX Single Eyeshadow – Fahrenheit Review

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today, my review will be about a beautiful party wear eyeshadow shade and the color I will be talking about is called “Fahrenheit.” It is by NYX, and is one of the NYX’s single eyeshadows. NYX has 72 shades and for me, this is my 6th one. I love NYX and so I can’t stop buying these.


Product Quantity:

2.4 gm.


Rs. 550



NYX single eye shadows come in a small square shaped pan with a black box and a transparent lid. The shadow itself is divided into 4 sections each having a diamond-shaped design. The packaging is easy to use and small and sturdy enough to make the product travel friendly.

Product Description:

Here’s a real collector’s item: You will be tempted to amass your own sensational color library of our richly pigmented eye shadows. Choose from 72 individual NYX Single Eye Shadow shades in shimmer, sheer, glitter, frosty, metallic or matte. Our pressed mineral eye shadows pack a color punch, are easy to blend and last for many hours.


My Take on NYX Single Eyeshadow – Fahrenheit:

Color: Fahrenheit is a beautiful bronze shade with golden shimmer particles. The shimmer is not exactly visible in the pan, but when applied on lids, the golden particles can clearly be seen and they are the ones which make the color shine. Blending of the color makes the glitter particles visible. This is a bold kind of a shade that is perfect for parties and especially looks good with Indian outfits. I prefer using it during night, but sometimes, it can also be used during the day, in the outer corner of the eye, to give depth to the look.


Pigmentation: The color is amazingly pigmented. It is so pigmented that care has to be taken while applying it. One swipe gives sufficient amount of color to complete the look, but in case you need a more intense look, the pigmentation can be built by layering 2-3 coats.


Texture:  Like most of the NYX singles, this one too is extremely soft to apply; it goes on smoothly on the eyes without much effort. It is a very easy to blend color and can mix with any kind of shade or texture to complete the look.


Staying Power: As it’s a pigmented color, it does stay for a good amount of time, especially if you apply more coats. It does not crease at least for 3-4 hours after which it might crease. Once the color starts fading, the glitter particles become even more prominent, and at the end, you are left with only golden glitters on the lids. This can be counted as a plus point especially if you have to apply shadow for a long time, as even after long hours, you will have something on your lids which will not make you look bare faced.


The only thing that I wasn’t too happy about was the fall out issue this color has.  When taken on the brush, a lot of product comes off and it becomes mandatory to remove the excess color from the brush by tapping the brush. A lot of product gets wasted every time the color is used.

Pros of NYX Single Eyeshadow – Fahrenheit:

  • Beautiful party kind shade.
  • The shimmer particles does not look bad or too bright.
  • Amazing pigmentation.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Smooth to apply.
  • Stays for a long period of time, especially the shimmer particles.

Cons of NYX Single Eyeshadow – Fahrenheit:

  • A lot of product gets wasted every time the product is used, due to fallout problem.

Would I Repurchase NYX Single Eyeshadow – Fahrenheit?

I am in love with these little babies from NYX and I will definitely buy them whenever I get a chance, but about this color, it will take me years to finish this and so I don’t think that I would get a chance to buy this again.

Do I Recommend NYX Single Eyeshadow – Fahrenheit?

Absolutely! It’s a beautiful shade especially for Indian outfits and is perfect for Indian theme parties.

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (-1 for the amount of product which gets wasted due to fallout).


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    1. thanks Arzoo… *thankyou* *thankyou* and i really loved the shade, i wasn’t sure about liking it when i ordered it, but i loved it as soon as i saw it *happy dance* *happy dance*

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