NYX Slim Eye Pencil 922-Baby Pink Review

NYX Slim Eye Pencil 922-Baby Pink

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Pink has a special place among girls and I am no different. I love everything that is pink, and so today I will be reviewing pink eyeliner from NYX. There are numerous shades of pink, but the one I will be reviewing today is baby pink.

Product quantity: 0.04 oz, 1G

Price: Rs 295

NYX SlimEye Pencil 922-Baby Pink

Packaging: NYX’s slim eye pencils are black colored pencils with a small colored section at the bottom which tells the actual color of the pencil. This makes it really convenient to store the pencils in whatever manner I want as I know that I can pick the right color without wasting time in searching for the desired color.

Ingredients: A long list of ingredients is mentioned on the pencil itself

Product Description: Heading out for party, girl? Don’t forget to give your eyes a defined yet dreamy look with this ‘Slim Eye Pencil – Baby Pink’ from NYX. Easy to use and long-wearing, this eye pencil can be used over or under eye shadow to effectuate a dramatic colour combination.

NYX Slim Eye Pencil922-Baby Pink

My take on NYX Slim Eye Pencil 922-Baby Pink:

I love pinks and so I was very excited to see a baby pink colored eye pencil from NYX. As the name suggests it is a baby pink colored liner with blue undertones. It is a pearly finish liner as it has minute sized silver shimmer particles. The particles are not chunky and so do not irritate eyes. The texture is amazingly smooth which makes it really easy to apply.

NYX Slim Eye Pencil 922 Baby Pink

But what exactly do we expect from a liner, Smudge proof, good staying power, but unfortunately it does not have any of these qualities, the liner is neither smudge proof, nor does it stays for long. The color is actually very easy to smudge, but as it is a light color it doesn’t look bad even after smudging, and as it smudges very fast, the intensity of the color reduces fast. Does that mean that I am totally disappointed with this liner? My answer would be no, as I agree that it might not be a perfect color for a liner, but as an eye shadow color, I simply loved it. The color blends on very smoothly leaving a pearly finish glow on the lids. But I would suggest blending the color fast, as once it sets, further rubbing might make the look clumpy. The color starts fading early, but it still looks beautiful. This gives a perfect girly pinky touch to any makeup look. After all no girl can go wrong with a pink.

These pencils are also called eye/eyebrow pencils, and I am really confused with this name, why are they called so, I mean how would a girl look with pink colored eye brows and this is not the case with only this color, these pencils comes in a variety of colors and most of the colors cannot be used for the eyebrows, until you are going in a fancy dress party;-)

NYX Slim Eye Pencil 922-BabyPink

Pros of NYX Slim Eye Pencil 922-Baby Pink:

• Pretty girly color
• Affordable
• Very smooth to apply
• Can be doubled as a shadow
• Has minute silver shimmers which makes it even more pretty

NYX Slim Eye Pencil 922-Baby Pink

Cons of NYX Slim Eye Pencil 922-Baby Pink:

• Not so good staying power
• Smudges easily
• Not good for the purpose it is made for
• Does not come in a retractable form

Would I buy this product again?

No! I do have 4 of these pencils and all are different from each other in formulation and so I would not buy them anymore, and baby pink although looks cute, but I know that I will not be able to use it as much as I wanted, so I will not buy this color again.

Do I recommend this?

These pencils are pretty affordable, but still I still not recommend this color until you like dressing up will funky colors.

Rating: 2.8/5

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One thought on “NYX Slim Eye Pencil 922-Baby Pink Review

  1. Pink eyebrows…hehe..really sounds weird….at first look I thought it was a lip liner….but then realized that ita meant for eyes…..too bad it smudges and doesn’t stay for long..have you tried it over an eyeshadow primer?…. the color looks pretty cool… Good review. .. 🙂

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