NYX Tinted Lip Spa Nirvana Review

NYX Tinted Lip Spa Nirvana

Product Description:

Lip conditioner with just a hint of color! Tinted lip spa is full of moisturizing and nourishing benefits to give your lips the ultimate spa treatment they deserve. “A treatment that moisturizes conditions and protects your lips—with Vitamin E and a host of other nourishing ingredients—and graces them with a hint of dewy color.” These are available in 12 shades.



Rs 450 for 5 grams

My Experience with NYX Tinted Lip Spa Nirvana:

Today’s review is going to be on nyx tinted lip spa in Nirvana. After loving the tinted lip spa in sake, I got this one. The name itself is tempting enough, it is basically a tinted lip balm but with a much better pigmentation very similar to sheer lipsticks!

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It comes in a glossy black packaging; the lid has a transparent top so one can identify the color. It is very tiny and cute and will easily fit in a small wallet as well. The color nirvana looked just plain brown in the tube, but on lips it turns out to be just the perfect nude for my skin tone. The color is a balanced neutral with peachy undertones. I have always wondered what nude lipstick does Angelina Jolie sport, I have finally found something similar for my skin tone 😛

It does not make me look washed out or pale when used alone, it is just a shade darker than my natural lip color and therefore works well for me. But looks best when paired with heavy eye makeup. This particular shade will look best on lighter to medium skin tones. In a single layer it gives good amount of color payoff and for full pigmentation 2-3 swipes are required. It neutralizes my natural lip color very well. I do not think it will work equally well on pigmented lips though.

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The texture is very smooth, and totally different from regular lip balms, it is not at all sticky and waxy, and feels very light weight on lips. Even after layering three to four times there is absolutely no heaviness or a thick feeling on lips unlike lipsticks. I find these very similar to L’Oreal caress lipsticks in many aspects. When I first used it had a very slight tingling sensation which I quite liked, but after that I could not anymore feel it. And it has a light peppermint fragrance in the beginning, but it soon vanishes. It is instantly moisturized lips, and gives anamazing glossy look to them. It settles well into the lip lines and gives a pouted and fuller look to lips without emphasizing them.


For me it is a hybrid for a lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss. It is not the best for super dry lips,as it does not heal them in any way but does keep them moisturized. In spite of having a glossy feeling it stays fairly long on lips, it lasts for 3-4 hours with minimal transferring. Even with meals in between it does not vanish completely. It does not leave behind any stain after fading which some may not like. It works well when applied on top of lip liners as well, if you wish to! I wish all the other shades were easily available in India, as it is an absolute delight for people who love tinted lips balms, but these have great color payoff and slightly better lasting power compared to the normal tinted lip balms. In the swatches I have swiped it only once on left side and thrice on the right side.


Pros of NYX Tinted Lip Spa Nirvana:

• Sturdy and cute packaging
• Gives good color pay off almost like a sheer lipstick
• Very moisturizing and makes lips appear glossy and fuller
• Not at all sticky and waxy
• No heavy or thick feeling in spite of layering
• Stays well for 3-4 hours
• Very smooth and soft texture
• A pretty nude shade for medium skin tones

Cons of NYX Tinted Lip Spa Nirvana:

• Will not repair or heal dry lips
• As it is sheer, will not work for pigmented lips.
• Availability is a major issue

Do I recommend NYX Tinted Lip Spa Nirvana?

I highly recommend these to everyone, it is a must try for tinted lip balm lovers and this particular shade would be a perfect nude for many.

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