NYX Wonder Stick Highlight and Contour Stick – WS02 Medium/Tan Review

by Aakanksha K.

Hello Fashionistas,
I am here with a review for a new product that I really like. This is called NYX Wonder Stick and is a must-have for anyone who loves contouring especially the beginners.

NYX Wonder StickClaims:
Amplify your look with NYX Cosmetics all-purpose Wonder Stick that has a creamy finish that conceals, highlights and contours with ease. With this easy 2-step wonder product, highlighting and contouring has never been easier.

What it is: A dual-ended highlighting and contouring stick.

What it does: Creates the illusion of a stronger jawline, more chiseled cheeks, and a slimmer nose. Adds depth and definition to facial features.


NYX Wonder Stick

NYX Wonder Stick

Available in 4 different shade combinations to fit every skin tone: Light, Medium/Tan, Deep and Universal.

NYX Wonder Stick


How to use:
Step 1: Apply highlight stick on cheekbones, middle of forehead, under eyes, down the center of your nose, on the brow bone and along the jawline.
Step 2: Apply contour stick to top of forehead and along hairline, under cheekbones and down both sides of your nose and under the jawline and chin.

My Experience with NYX Wonder Stick Highlight and Contour Stick – WS02 Medium/Tan:

I love contouring. I think it makes you look really glamorous but I had never tried a contouring stick before. I love my Anastasia Contour Kit but it is pricey and requires a lot of time to get the perfect look and it cannot be just thrown in a clutch and used on the go. I was on the lookout for something that was easier to use and which I could take with me when I am out. I saw this at Ulta last month and thought I will give this a try. The shade I got is WS02 called Medium/Tan.

NYX Wonder Stick

The product comes in a stick with two tubes (which I think is an awesome idea): one highlight shade and one contour shade. Very basic packaging, nothing fancy about it but the cardboard cover does have pictorial representation of how to use the product and the areas where you need to highlight and the areas where you need to contour. That, I think, is a good thing to have in front of you if you are new to contouring and need a reference.

NYX Wonder Stick

The basic idea of contouring is to use a lighter shade (than your skin) to enhance and maximize the features you want to show off and use a darker shade (generally 4 shades darker than your skin) to create depth and definition. I think having both these shades on one stick is a great idea as you can carry it anywhere and contour on the go as well.

NYX Wonder Stick

Pros of NYX Wonder Stick Highlight and Contour Stick – WS02 Medium/Tan:

  • Good Price. It is worth the money.
  • Great for beginners at contouring as it is easy to blend and does not look too harsh.
  • Because it comes in a stick you have more control and can be more precise at contouring.
  • Highlighter is great shade for my skin and can be used as an under eye concealer on its own if used with some setting powder.
  • I liked the end look and I think Medium/Tan was the perfect choice for my skin tone. This comes in a shade called Universal as well which is supposed to be suitable for any skin tone but I did not have much faith in it.

Cons of NYX Wonder Stick Highlight and Contour Stick – WS02 Medium/Tan:

  • Thin consistency and so you have to apply a lot of product to get deep contouring.
  • To achieve a glamorous look, you might have to top up the contour shade with some darker shade.
  • Does not give as dewy of a look as I would want.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend NYX Wonder Stick Highlight and Contour Stick – WS02 Medium/Tan?
Yes and yes. I will definitely recommend this product for everyone who loves contouring especially the beginners who want to learn as this product is extremely easy to use and blend.

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9 thoughts on “NYX Wonder Stick Highlight and Contour Stick – WS02 Medium/Tan Review

  1. Hey Aakanksha,
    Here’s a question from another Akanksha ;
    I have medium skin, I have read that the NYX wonder stick does not give a very sharp contoured look since the colours seem to get lost in the skin, can I buy the deep colour in this so as to achieve that sharp contoured look?

  2. hey!! i loved the review and cant wait to get my hands on it.just a question..what shade are you?i am NC 41 and m confused between medium and deep..any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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