O3+ Skin Glow Derma Fresh Cream SPF 40 Review

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I have got some products from a new brand to review; it is called O3+. I have two products from this brand. Let’s get started with the review of this cream.

O3+ Derma Fresh Cream SPF 40 Review

INR 385 for 50 gm


My Experience with O3+ Skin Glow Derma Fresh Cream SPF 40:

It comes with a white and blue cardboard box which I threw away. It contains the same details that are printed on the actual tube. The tube is small in size and is white in colour. The back reveals all the details such as ingredients and description. It has a flip cap that works very well. The tube is small and can be safely used for travels. The flip cap won’t open in your purse.


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This cream is white in colour and is a bit thick in consistency. After applying even a small amount, you feel the heaviness of this cream. It feels like a heavy duty winter lotion, a.k.a Pond’s Cream. I personally do not like products that feel heavy on the skin. It does get absorbed into the skin quickly when used a little bit though. I use this cream only on my hands and feet because I like lightweight sunscreens.


This product does make you sweat even in slightly humid weather; another reason why I don’t use it on my face. Also it gets wiped away when you wipe out the sweat, so this doesn’t provide a long lasting sun shield. They say that you should reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours or so, but with this, you might have to reapply every 45 minutes or so.


As for the fragrance, it does have a peculiar fragrance that I’ve noticed is similar in both the products I own. It is a wee bit strong but I do not mind it. As claimed, it doesn’t provide a glow to the face, but it gives you an oily cast if you use it more. This cream doesn’t require a lotion underneath it because it is quite moisturizing in itself. I would suggest this only to dry skinned people, as it would look really oily on people with oily skin.


Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of O3+ Skin Glow Derma Fresh Cream SPF 40:

• Nicely packaged
• Moisturizes
• SPF 40
• Good for dry skinned people

Cons of O3+ Skin Glow Derma Fresh Cream SPF 40:

• Feels very heavy
• Makes you sweat
• Goes away when you wipe your face
• Quite expensive

IMBB Rating:

No I’m not a fan of this product. Dry skinned beauties can try this.

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