O3+ Dermalite Tan Clean Review

Skin type: combination

Hello girls!

I have not used many O3+ products but have heard a lot of great things about the ‘Dermalcare’ range. I have been using this O3+ Dermalite Tan Clean for over two months now, and here is the review. 🙂

O3+ Dermalite Tan Clean Review

Price: INR 1300
Product Description: An award winning product for most instant whitening results. This Tan Clean has 8 benefits in just 1 jar as it hydrates, nourishes, soothes, calms, heals, whitens, brightens and lightens the skin.

My Experience with O3+ Dermalite Tan Clean:

Well, as I told you guys before, I am not much into O3+ products. I don’t know why but these products do not attract me much. This particular product, I have been using for over two months now. I apply it on my face, arms, back and legs fortnightly. It comes in a normal plastic jar packaging. This is travel-friendly and comes with a safety life. But, taking the product out is an issue. Some might find it unhygienic and boring.

O3+ Dermalite Tan Clean Packaging

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The best part about this tan clean pack is that it gives me instantly fair complexion and makes my skin appear even. It also controls sun damage and pigmentation issues. This pack has little scrubbing granules too that are gentle on the skin. I feel this is neither a pack nor a scrub. It is just a cream that removes skin tanning well and reveals a brighter skin. This cream is very strong, and that’s why I keep it on my skin for around 3-4 minutes only.

O3+ Dermalite Tan Clean Claims

This product has a very irritating smell of wheat germ oil. I cannot tolerate this smell, and I am sure no one can. This is also a reason why I don’t keep this pack cum cream on my skin for long. There is one more problem too – I have acne prone skin, and this tan clean is very strong for my acne prone skin. I get a tingling sensation each time I apply it, which makes me unhappy and scared that I’ll develop pimples. But, overall, it does what it claims very well, and that is – tan removal.

O3+ Dermalite Tan Clean Swatch

Pros of O3+ Dermalite Tan Clean:

• Basic and travel-friendly packaging
• Removes skin tan instantly
• Brightens and whitens the skin
• Has scrubbing granules which make your skin shine
• Removes dead skin cells too
• Shows instant results

Cons of O3+ Dermalite Tan Clean:

• Very bad smell
• Too strong for girls with sensitive or problematic skin

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend O3+ Dermalite Tan Clean?
Even though I like the results this product gives, I would not repurchase it. I feel it might affect my acne prone skin in the long run. Also, I would not recommend it to people with sensitive skin and/or nose.

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