O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray Review

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This is a new addition to my night time skincare routine. I generally use a blackhead removing, pore tightening toner in the morning. I was looking for something more effective to brighten up the skin for the night. This one is from the newly launched range by O3+ called Plunge. The products are made from natural ingredients and aim at brightening up the skin by fighting all your skin troubles. Know the details of the product in this post.

O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray Review

Product Description:
Miracle Water Radiance Tonic instantly transforms your skin and maximizes he benefits of your skin care routine while hydrating, clarifying and brightening all types of skin. This lightweight product helps in brightening, purifying and removing dirt and even makeup. “93% PEOPLE WITNESSED REFRESHED AND BRIGHT SKIN 92% REPORTED BRIGHTER SKIN TONE 90%% REPORTED HYDRATED SKIN” Plunge USA is a natural brightening skincare initiative by O3+, India’s leading number 1 professional skincare brand. Innovative and playful, this high quality American skin care products combines natural ingredients like Matcha, Chamomile, Yuzu Citrus etc with playful twists with no harsh chemicals and parabens. Each formulation is curated by leading natural skin experts and dermatologists that travel around the world to provide innovative and conceptual skin care ranges.

Concern – Hydrating and Clarifying Skin
Skin Type – All Skin Type
Benefits – Brighter Skin Tone

O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray Ingredients

Price: INR 560 for 120 ml
• The price is considerably lesser than other O3+ products. However, it is higher than others available in the market. Also, the quantity provided is less. But I won’t complain, considering the fact that it is super effective, and also you need a very little amount of it for your face.

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My Experience with O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray:

The product comes in a white, opaque plastic bottle which is again packed in a white paper carton. Both – the bottle and carton – have quirky tropical themed pictures on them. It gives a packaging a bright, vibrant and fresh feel. The bottle is attached to a pump and gives out enough product in one go. The pump is secured by a small cap and a bigger one, so chances of spillage are minimum. You can easily travel around with it.

O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray Bottle

Color, Texture and Fragrance:
The product is a colorless liquid which comes out in a frothy, liquid manner as you are spraying it out with a pump. Even though it is runny, it feels a little sticky initially. That is nothing to be afraid, though. The stickiness is like any fruit juice. If you apply lemon juice or orange juice, you will know what I mean. As you tap it on the skin, it gets absorbed and the stickiness goes away.

O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray Claims

Coming to the fragrance, this is the best smelling product I have ever used. It smells of fresh, like citrus fruits. I love the smell and it is so refreshing and relaxing. It gets faint as it is absorbed into the skin and goes away after some time. But you will remember the smell for long.

O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray Front

Firstly, one pump of this toner is enough for your whole face. Using excess can make your face too sticky and won’t fulfil the purpose. Also, it has ascorbic acid, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and an overdose of these can be bad for your skin. I apply just a pump all over the face. Also, at times, I dilute it with an equal amount of rose water and apply it all over the face and neck. You must use it in the night as it has all these active ingredients.

O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray Packaging

It is super hydrating for the skin, and at the end of a long, tiring day, this is very important for me. I spend hours in AC rooms for research works. And washing the face with cleansers makes it drier at times. This toner is a boon for my skin. The hydrated face looks healthier and brighter instantly. I do believe that when Vitamin C is applied in the right concentration it does wonders to your skin. This does that and I have no complaints about it.

O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray Spray

The product is slowly working on the overall uneven tone of my skin, making it radiant and even toned. I am using it for 2 weeks along with many other products. So it is probably too early to tell. But I am sure that I will see good results soon. It has not caused any breakouts either which is a great thing for my oily, sensitive skin.

O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray Swatch

I am super happy to add this to my night time skincare routine. It has made a huge difference to my skin and I will keep using this to see effective results.

Pros of O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray:

• Travel-friendly.
• Colourful tropical themed packaging.
• Beautiful citrusy smell.
• The minimum amount required – one pump is enough for your face.
• Makes skin super hydrated.
• Skin feels soft and supple.
• Brightens up the skin instantly.
• Gets absorbed easily.
• Makes dull skin radiant.
• Works effectively on uneven skin tone.
• Does not cause any breakout.
• Contains active ingredients that work well in skin lighting.
• No harsh chemicals.
• Does not cause any breakout.

Cons of O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray:

• Can be a little sticky at times.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase O3+ Plunge Miracle Water Radiance Tonic Spray?
Yes, absolutely.

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