O3+ Seaweed Acne Control Serum Review

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I had recently bought two amazing serums from O3+, and in this post, I will be reviewing the one that use during daytime – the Seaweed Acne Control Serum. I have super oily skin which often gets ruined due to acne breakouts. Although it is nearly impossible to stop acne bouts completely, I try to incorporate products in my skincare routine that will minimize their occurrence. This serum looked promising and I decided to give it a try. Read on further to find out my views regarding on O3+ Seaweed Acne Control Serum.

O3 Seaweed Acne Control Serum packaging

Product Description:
Seaweed serum has beneficial effects of cellular repair and oil control which helps in keeping the skin clean and clear. It is a wonderful product for controlling acne without leaving a scar. Enriched with sea minerals that helps in controlling sebum and clarifying skin.

1) A miracle boon for Normal to oily skin.
2) Works effectively on reducing scars and acne marks.
3) Clarifies and purifies skin with its anti bacterial action. 
4) Also works effectively on post acne mask.
5) Fast delivery system ensures effective results. 
6) Best applied daily after washing skin with cleanser or face wash 
7)Paraben free 
8)Formulated in Italy by World Class Dermatologists.
Concern – Oil, acne control
Skin Type- Normal to oily, acne prone skin
. Benefits- Skin brightening action.
1475 INR for 50 ml.

My Experience with O3+ Seaweed Acne Control Serum:

The serum comes in a white paper box with all details and ingredients mentioned on it. You will find a sturdy glass bottle inside, which is transparent and comes with a white pump. Serum bottles that come with dropper applicator, look too fragile and take up a little extra time. I love this pump system and also the fact that you can control how much you are pumping out. As it is made from glass, if you want to carry it, you should be careful. I am not a big fan of plastic packaging when it comes to serums and toners. I think this packaging is very convenient and I love simple packaging like this.

O3 Seaweed Acne Control Serum

The serum has a very lightweight, gel-kind of texture. It is not liquid like toners, not oily like the facial oils, and not in gel form like the gel creams. It is a very light, very transparent, very liquid kind of gel. It has a faint blue color. The smell is very refreshing. I cannot describe it perfectly, but you will love the mild, fresh fragrance that does not linger for long. You won’t even need a full pump of it for your face. I press the pump slowly and take out 2-3 drops of it. Then, I apply it in dots all over the face, blend it using finger tips, and pat it till it gets absorbed. It gets blended easily and you will feel it all over the face. It gets absorbed quickly without any sticky feel. Layering other products over this is not a tough job at all.

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O3 Seaweed Acne Control Serum open

O3 Seaweed Acne Control Serum bottle

Once you apply the serum, you will immediately feel a huge dose of nourishment to the skin. It makes my skin hydrated and healthier as soon as I apply it. The skin also becomes matte. You won’t feel any trace of oil if you use this. It tightens up pores and makes your skin look and feel firm. If you want to do a light day makeup, this can be a great base to work on.

O3 Seaweed Acne Control Serum cap

I use this product as my day serum as I go out in the morning. I do not see any trace of oil even when I go out in the blazing sun. It does not do anything to prevent sweat, but I do not expect that from a serum in Kolkata’s hot and humid weather. However, it does not feel sticky and patchy. I have not seen any breakouts since I started using it.

O3 Seaweed Acne Control Serum swatch

I cannot immediately comment on this serum’s effect on old scars. I think two weeks is too little time and I am using many good products together. I do feel that if you incorporate this in your skin care routine, you will see good effects. My skin feels clearer and brighter. It provides a beautiful Korean-type of smooth skin effect and I am super happy about that.

Overall, this is a very good serum. Considering its effectiveness, the price is reasonable and I would like to use this everyday to see the long-term effect.

Pros of O3+ Seaweed Acne Control Serum:

  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • Need 2-3 drops at a time.
  • Gets easily absorbed.
  • Does not feel oily or sticky.
  • Other products are easily layered on this.
  • Makes skin matte.
  • Pores look smaller.
  • Makes skin look and feel firm.
  • Great base for day makeup.
  • Face does not get oily.
  • Prevents breakouts.
  • Makes skin clearer.

Cons of O3+ Seaweed Acne Control Serum:

  • Nothing as such.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend O3+ Seaweed Acne Control Serum?
This is a great serum to start with if you have oily skin.

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