O3+ Skin Whitening Mask Review

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask Review

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask

Product Description:

This Whitening Mask slows down the Melanin Production hence reviving the complexion and brightening the skin tone. Moreover, it also helps in making skin tighter and giving a youthful appearance.

Concern- Skin tightening, Pigmentation control.
Skin Type – Normal to Dry, Matured Skin.
Benefits – Gives a youthful appearance.

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask


INR 1650 when I purchased it last year, now increased to 1850 for 350 gm.

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask

My Take on O3+ Skin Whitening Mask:

I think I have mentioned this often in my reviews that I prefer to do my facials/cleanups at home; on my own instead of getting them done at the salon. It gives me a sense of satisfaction as I know the products I am using and how well they suit my skin. I mostly pick separate products (like scrub, gels, masks ) from different brands instead of buying facial kits of a single brand. When I had got my pre-bridal skin treatment done 2 years back, I remember O3+ products were used by the professionals at the salon. They had used this particular mask on me , so I picked this up when I saw it at a salon.  Basically, I wanted to try this mask and see if it could work on reducing some blemishes/spots on my face due to acne, reduce tan and even out my skin tone.

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask

The mask comes in a white coloured, sturdy, thick plastic (feels like glass) jar with a screw off lid. There is another lid which covers the mouth of the jar and protects the mask underneath.  It’s a salon-sized pack, so it’s a bit bulky. I am not sure if it is available in a smaller-sized packing or not.

The mask has a creamy, thick formula which applies smoothly/easily though.  I apply a thick layer of this mask and leave it for 20 minutes (I was advised to do so by the professional at the salon). It does not dry out like most face packs/masks even after 20+ minutes.  Removing this mask from my face is quite a task in itself; if I use just water to wash it off, it takes a LOT of time and effort to come off completely, so I use a wipe or cotton pad instead to remove it.

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask

As an immediate effect, I see it does make my skin glow, look clear and healthy.  To test its effectiveness, I used this mask every single day for about 3 weeks. I noticed that it did manage to lighten up some spots, my skin looked brighter and it did reduce the tan.  However, I did not notice any improvement in skin’s texture or enlarged pores, nor did it work on reducing acne/breakouts. But I can’t complain about these issues since the mask does not claim to work on these problems, it’s basically a “whitening mask.” I don’t think this can completely fade off all the dark spots on my skin though, I am looking forward to try glycolic acid peels.

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask

I always use this mask before doing my makeup for all special occasions and it imparts a nice glow to my skin. I would not call it a “quick fix” to revive dull skin since I need to keep it for 20 minutes to get the desired results but it does manage to make my skin look radiant and much better than it actually is.

Overall, I like this mask a lot and I totally depend on this to revive my skin on my dull/bad skin days. I am sure it would suit all skin types.  There is a LOT of quantity provided in the jar, so you should buy it only if you are into using face masks on a regular basis.I have used this mask quite extensively since last year and I am still ½ way with the jar. By the time I finish this up, I am sure I will be just too bored, to repurchase it immediately. You can try this mask if you have skin concerns like uneven skin tone, post acne spots/marks, sun tan or if you just want your skin to look bright/glowy.

What I Like about O3+ Skin Whitening Mask:

  • Makes my skin look bright and radiant.
  • It helps in to reviving my dull skin on bad skin days.
  • Gives a tightening effect to the skin without making it feel dry/stretchy.
  • Reduces tan when used regularly.
  • Does not sting/irritate my sensitive skin.

What I Do Not Like about O3+ Skin Whitening Mask:

  • I need to keep this on for 20 minutes at least to get good/desired results.
  • Does not come off easily from the skin.
  • Bulky packaging , since it is meant for professional.
  • O3+products are not easily available.

IMBB Rating:


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9 thoughts on “O3+ Skin Whitening Mask Review

  1. Nice review Nupur, i am eager to use this mask, i have got an O3+ facial once, and the results were just Awesome, my first sentence was ‘watta glow’. So can u tell me from where did u buy this, i am also in delhi. its not available around me.

  2. Thanku Anju 🙂 yea, right O3 facials do give a wonderful glow *haan ji*
    I bought this from a salon in north delhi, pitam pura , u can even ask ppl at ur salon to arrange one for you, or you can google for its stockists in delhi 🙂

  3. That is one big jar! 🙂 Sounds good, Nupur! Would definitely like to try it out for my acne marks! 🙂 Great review!

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