O3+ Soothing Massage Care:Review

O3+ Soothing Massage Care: Review

Hello pretty faces,

Hope you all are enjoying the monsoons . During cooler climates like these our skin tends to become a little dry. To overcome that, we use regular moisturizers which are available all around. But those moisturizing solutions make the skin more moisturized than required. After so many trials and errors, I finally came across this cream, called the “O3+  soothing massage care”  .I have to tell you, that the results are just what I was looking for.

O3 soothing massage care cream

Product description:

It’s a soothing massage care infused with active ingredients derived from natural botanical extracts and essential natural vitamins.


Pure natural collagen (from soya bean) extracts, mallow extracts, natural vitamin C (from fresh orange)extracts, botanical extracts, natural vitamin E (from almonds)extracts,NMF.




All skin types


INR 970

Shelf life:


It’s mainly a massage cream, but I use it as a night and after bath, which works wonders for me. It gives a smooth effect and a glow after application.The fragrance of the product is the cherry on the cake.. It’s very refreshing as well as soothing at the same time. I sniff the bottle for at least 7-8 times before I finally apply it. The quantity required is very less, just the size of two pearls is enough for your face.

The bottle it comes in, is made of thick glass and is not so fancy. It looks like those medicinal-lotion bottles. The dispenser is a like spray-on one and lets you squeeze out just the right amount.
The availability of this product is a huge problem (I got it as a gift from a friend). You don’t see it everywhere, and the price is high-end. Also, you have to be careful while applying it, because applying too much will make the skin greasy and oily.All in all I love this cream. It has all natural ingredients  and it works great for me . But I would have preferred if it were a little less expensive.

Pros of O3+ Soothing Massage Care:

1. Works just fine.

2. Natural and refreshing fragrance.

3. Very less quantity required.

4. Makes skin soft.

5. Leaves a glow.

6. Easy to dispense.

7. Extracts from natural ingredients.

8. A bottle lasts for at least 8- 10 months.

9. Not tested on animals.

Cons of O3+ Soothing Massage Care:

1. Pricey.

2. Availability issues.

3. Makes skin extremely greasy when applied in excess.

Will I buy O3+ Soothing Massage Care again?

Yes. I will look out for this in the market and buy again if I get one, unless I get a better alternative.

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5 thoughts on “O3+ Soothing Massage Care:Review

    1. i have been using this for the past 2-3 years.. but only during winters… this is a bit greasy… oily skinned beauties may use it during winters. Definitely a BIG NO during summers…. and as Devleena mentioned, the quantity to be used is the ‘key’… Very very hydrating and moisturizing…:)

      1. yes mam its really good..you just need a drop to go for your both palms(over and under) ..and quantity ,
        it lasts for like a lifetime 😀

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