O3+ Whitening Massage Cream – C Review

Skin type: combination

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This review is about the O3+ Whitening Massage Cream – C. Since O3+ is a really popular brand, I started to buy and try their products. I was looking for a good massage and whitening cream for myself, and that’s how I came across this massage cream. Read more to find out how it worked for me.

O3+ Whitening Massage Cream C Review

Price: INR 2000, but I got it for INR 1750
Product Description: Whitening Massage Cream enhances the skin complexion while transporting essential nutrients and proteins to it. It is infused with Vitamin C that helps in whitening the skin.
How to Use: Massage gently all over the face & neck for 10-15 minutes.

O3+ Whitening Massage Cream C Claims

My Experience with O3+ Whitening Massage Cream – C:

I am into derma-care and whitening products as I had got badly tanned some time back. Such products also cure sunburn. So, I grabbed this whitening massage cream which contains the goodness of Vitamin C. This cream claims to prevent ageing and pigmentation, hence it improves blood circulation. This massage cream literally made my skin glow when I used it at home. So if you like to go for at-home facials, you can give this cream a try.

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O3+ Whitening Massage Cream C Packaging

This is my second tub of this cream. The day I started to see how it made my skin glow, I fell in love with this cream. It contains various essential ingredients that help penetrate the skin deep into the skin; when the cream penetrates well, it improves melanin content and complexion. The packaging of the product is not very great, though. But, yes, a good amount of the product comes in one tub. The texture is buttery smooth, which feels good on the skin. It has a very unique and mild fragrance.

O3+ Whitening Massage Cream C

I apply this cream twice a week, and have been using it for the past two months. I can vouch for its performance. This cream has actually improved my skin tone a lot, which is amazing. I add a few drops of chilled rose water to this cream and massage my face with it. It gives me an amazing feel, and noticeable results.

O3+ Whitening Massage Cream C Swatch

Pros of O3+ Whitening Massage Cream – C:

Brightens and whitens the skin
• Penetrates deep inside
• Presence of Vitamin C
• Improves complexion
• Buttery smooth texture

Cons of O3+ Whitening Massage Cream – C:

• High price
• Packaging is too basic for the price
• Unhygienic packaging

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase O3+ Whitening Massage Cream – C?
Yes, I will repurchase and will recommend this cream. It gives great results.

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