O3+ Whitening Serum Review

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Hi all,

This is the second serum that I have purchased from O3+ (talking about the “Seaweed Serum“) that I had reviewed a few days ago. I wanted a product that could remove scars, blemishes, and brighten up the skin. Read on further to find out my views on this product.

O3 Whitening Serum packaging

Product Description:
Get salon-like glow with O3+ Whitening Serum which is a concentrate that helps in controlling pigmentation and whitening the skin. It also helps in allowing immediate cell repair and giving an even tone on the skin. This revolutionary serum with milk extracts acts against free radicals caused due to the UVA and UVB stress and pigmentation. 

Contains the goodness of Milk that helps in whitening the skin. 
Works effectively as a skin lightening agent.
Enriched with anti-oxidants that boost glow and moisture.
Gives lighter and even-tone complexion.
Preservative Free, Potent organic formulation.
Free from artificial colour.
Boosts the health of the skin.
Paraben free
Formulated in Italy by World Class Dermatologists.
INR 1475 for 50 ml.

O3 Whitening Serum ingredients

My Experience with O3+ Whitening Serum:

The serum comes in a white paper box with all details and ingredients mentioned on it. You will find a sturdy glass bottle inside, which is transparent and comes with a white pump. I love this pump system and also the fact that you can control how much you are pumping out. As it is made from glass, if you want to carry it, you should be careful. I am not a big fan of plastic packaging when it comes to serums and toners. I think this packaging is very convenient and I love simple packaging like this.

O3 Whitening Serum product description

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O3 Whitening Serum

The serum has a very lightweight, gel-kind of a texture. It is not very liquid-y, like toners, not oily like facial oils, and not in gel form like gel creams. It is a very light, very transparent, very liquid kind of a transparent gel. The smell is very refreshing. I cannot describe it perfectly, but you will love the mild, fresh fragrance that does not linger for long. You won’t even need a full pump of it for your face. I press the pump slowly and take out 2-3 drops. Then, I apply it in dots all over the face, blend it using finger tips, and pat it till it gets absorbed. It gets blended easily and it gets absorbed quickly without any sticky feel. Applying too much of this product may feel too sticky on the face.

O3 Whitening Serum cap open

It makes my skin soft, nourished and moisturized as soon as I apply. It is a great product to start with if you don’t want a dead, flat look with your matte makeup products. It gives a generous dose of hydration to the skin without feeling oily. I do not prefer using it in the morning as I feel it makes the face a little extra sweaty under the sun. It does not cause any breakouts.

O3 Whitening Serum open cap

This serum definitely makes my face brighter. It has no artificial whitening effect which I totally like. It is slowly working on the old acne scars and blemishes. However, you will be disappointed if you expect drastic effects. This serum along with a whole healthy skin care routine will show some great effects on your skin. It gives a smooth, transparent feel to the skin which definitely feels great.

O3 Whitening Serum swatch

Overall, I am happy with incorporating this serum into my skin care routine.

Pros of O3+ Whitening Serum:

  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • Need 2-3 drops at a time.
  • Gets easily absorbed.
  • Does not feel oily or sticky.
  • Other products can be easily layered on this serum.
  • Makes skin super hydrated and nourished.
  • Gives skin a smooth, transparent effect.
  • Great base for matte makeup.
  • Face does not get oily.
  • Does not cause breakouts.
  • Makes skin clearer.

Cons of O3+ Whitening Serum:

  • No drastic effect on scars and blemishes.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend O3+ Whitening Serum?
This is a great serum to start with if you want clear, smooth skin.
IMBB Rating:

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One thought on “O3+ Whitening Serum Review

  1. Been using this product for 9 months. My skin is much cleaner and brighter now.. Effects were visible in 15 days. My skin is very dry and i need just a drop of it, i apply a cream after this. Its a great product to add brightening to your face, my skin shines after regular use. Earlier my skin use to look a bit dull.. It stopped pigmentation for one of my friends. Highly recommended!

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