O3+ Whitening Tonic Review

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I am religiously writing down the reviews I have been planning to do for some time. As I said previously, I got O3+ products for a better CTM routine. The O3+ Hydrating & Soothing Face Wash worked well, and I will be reviewing a skin tonic which I am loving to bits. Want to know more? Keep scrolling to read about O3+ Whitening Tonic.

O3+ Whitening Tonic Review

Product Description:
Whitening tonic helps in retaining moisture level while giving glow to dull and dehydrated skin. This high potent tonic minimizes discoloration and increases skin clarity.

Concern – Retaining moisture
Skin Type – Normal to dry, matured skin
Benefits – Gives shine & glow
Price: Rs. 550 for 50 ml

Packaging: A translucent whitish glass bottle with a spray nozzle. The bottle comes enclosed in a shiny silver cardboard box which is very attractive and has all the necessary details. The details are also printed on the body of the bottle which looks quite elegant. In fact, it feels like the serums of some high end brands even though it comes at a fraction of their price.


My Experience with O3+ Whitening Tonic:

I am not a fan of the whitening fad. In fact, I have never tried out fairness product simply because I feel our complexions are due to our melanin levels which can’t and shouldn’t be messed with. Instead I look for products that reduce tan, discoloration and blemishes which tend to show up quite often on my moderately fair complexion.

This tonic is a transparent liquid, somewhat like water but with a scent and slight stickiness. Initially I was confused about how to use it. I sprayed it directly on my face, but couldn’t control the amount and it took a long time to absorb. Using it on a cotton ball soaks up quite a lot product. So I figured using a wet cotton ball was the solution, and trust me it works better. Very less quantity is needed and it gets absorbed soon.


It feels a bit tacky even after being absorbed, a slight stickiness, but definitely present. But normal-oily skin can skip a cream or moisturizer if they feel, as the skin soaks up the goodness without any dryness. Dry skin would require a moisturizer, and I have used it with Derma fresh cream from O3+ (review coming up soon) for winters.

Coming to the performance review, it cleans my cleansed face too. Even after using makeup remover and face wash, the cotton ball manages to clean dirt and grime from the deepest pores. This gives a refreshed skin, with lesser zits and whiteheads-blackheads. The blemishes seem less pronounced, and my nose and chin which are a cause of concern show signs of improvement.


Tan has reduced to some extent and my skin feels much brighter when I wake up. On days I skip my cream at night; my skin doesn’t look parched and feels quite nourished. There is a glow in my face, which I haven’t seen in ages. I thought maybe with winter receding my skin was turning oily, but I saw it wasn’t any oiliness, but a shine in my skin.
I am glad that I bought it, and I definitely vouch for this beauty.

Pros of O3+ Whitening Tonic:

• Attractive looking bottle.
• Very mild scent.
• Cleans deepest pores.
• Hydrates skin.
• Reduces tan.
• Brightens complexion.


Cons of O3+ Whitening Tonic:

• Availability is mostly online.
• Slightly sticky.
• Heavy glass bottle.

IMBB Ratings: 4.25/5

Would I Recommend O3+ Whitening Tonic?
Repurchase: It will last me at least 2-3 months more, so if I am not bored I might grab it again.

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