Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Divine Lip Tar Matte Review

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Before I talk about yet another OCC Lip Tar, I want to draw attention to our health. I spent pretty much the last 2 weeks in and out of hospital because of my grandmother who had to have a surgery (she is doing well now). No matter how young you think you are or how old, I urge everyone to have regular health checkups, especially for women concerning their gynaecological health. Even after menopause, it is very important to pay attention to our bodies. Ill health not only affects the self but each and every person that loves. I lost my father to cancer more than 4 years back; the pain of which I know will never go away. It is a cliché but it is a truth which rings the loudest – “Health is Wealth”. Let us all take better care of ourselves and schedule complete body checkups regularly. On a lighter note, let’s come back to topic – of makeup! In particular; a beautiful shade from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. OCC never ceases to amaze me and this shade is no exception.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Matte Divine


A liquid matte lipstick with unparalleled pigment intensity and wear time. Only the smallest amount is needed for opaque coverage. LIP TAR: MATTE™ comes packaged in a convenient vinyl-carrying case and travel-sized version of the #010 Precision Lip Brush.

Contains Organic Hemp Oil & Soy-Derived Vitamin E, for a finish that feels as good as it looks! Paraben-Free courtesy of refreshing Peppermint Oil.

100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Apply the tiniest bead of Lip Tar with our newly-included #010S Short-Handled Precision Lip Brush for complete, opaque coverage, either mixed with other shades or on its own.PRO TIP: LIP TAR: MATTE™ is best applied over properly moisturized and primed lips. ‘Clear’ LIP TAR™ insures optimum application and also re-hydrates the look of LIP TAR: MATTE™ after application.



0.08 Fl Oz (All-star mini) and 0.33 Fl Oz (full size).


(Full size) : $18.00 or Rs. 1106.28 approximity.

My Experience with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Divine Lip Tar Matte:

Packaging: It comes in a tube with a nozzle head package that we all have by now come to associate with OCC Lip Tars. It is sturdy and comes with a brush that is perfect to apply the product. The only complaint I have with the packaging is that while squeezing the required product out, even on slightly pressing it too hard a lot of product may come out which is impossible to put back. As very little product is needed for a full opaque look, caution is needed when using this tube packaging.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Matte Divine

Color: OCC describes the color Divine as a “True Flamingo Pink” – a very apt description! It is an intensely pigmented light and bright pink. It appears much darker in the tube than on the lips, I think that is because it is packed in all its pigmented glory in the tube and while applying the color sheers out. Typically, a color like this is not what most would gravitate towards but I personally love it, it brightens up the face if mixed with a bit darker lip shade like MAC’s Twig. These 2 together is one of my favourite lip combos to wear. It is a very flattering color for most Indian shades. Even on its own it is not very starkly light, with the right blush and dark smokey eyes it looks, yes, Divine!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Matte Divine

Texture: It goes on glossy but dries to a comfortable matte finish. It dries to a transfer free look. The matte finish is not ultra drying but a lip balm applied prior to the lip tar will definitely help in making the wear comfortable. The lip balm will also help in reducing the look of lines or chappiness on the lips that matte shades tend to highlight.

Fragrance: The primary fragrance that hits us is of peppermint, but it is very subtle not at all irritating to the senses. It does linger beyond the initial application but eventually wears out after 2 hours or so.

Staying Power: I was going through the official page where this shade can be bought from, it doesn’t specify a particular wear-time but just says “unparalleled… wear time”. In my experience, it lasts till you use a remover to get rid of the color, even if it is after 12 hours; it is very, very long wearing! It does start to fade first from the centre of the lips, especially when you eat and drink during the wear. But because it stains the lips the fading is not unflattering.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Matte Divine

Application: You need the tiniest amount of this for complete, opaque coverage. It is important to use the tiniest amount not just because the product is pigmented but because if you use more than the required amount it starts to bleed into the very fine lines around our lips. A liner is not needed but for events and functions I apply a liner anyways so as to have the peace of mind that it won’t bleed. Whatever amount you think you need, use half of that amount; after enough uses you get the hang of controlling the quantity but initially I suggest being very careful.

I have taken pictures of this color in different lights to try and capture the true color in packaging but the only pictures in which it shows its true color is on the swatches and LOTD.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Matte Divine

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Matte Divine

Pros of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Divine Lip Tar Matte:

  • The color is a bright pink – mixed with a slightly darker pink it gives the perfect everyday wear pink shade.
  • The staying power is incredible, as advertised.
  • The texture, even for a matte is not super-drying.
  • Comes with a brush, that is absolutely needed for precise application.
  • The pigmentation is a dream, even at $18 I feel it is a good investment for anyone as the color would last years.
  • If you have other lip tars, mixing shades to get new colours is very easy.

Cons of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Divine Lip Tar Matte:

  • Reapplication can be tricky as it doesn’t come in typical packaging.
  • The color by itself is not suited for all skin tones.
  • If a lot is used, it will start to bleed.
  • You would need to carry a lip balm with you especially if dry lips are a concern.
  • Not available in India, yet.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 – I deduct some points because the nozzle-head-tube packaging makes reapplication tricky and runny formula asks for caution. Also the color will not have universal appeal.

Would I recommend/repurchase Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Divine Lip Tar Matte?

I recommend OCC Lip Tars to every person who is even slightly into lip products; it is a very delightful experience using these high quality squeezy wonders. I may not need to repurchase this particular shade any time soon but I shall definitely be purchasing other shades OCC offers.

I hope this helped and until next time – Happy Makeuping!

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