5 Office Etiquette you must Definitely Know

Office Ettiquette

Almost all of us are having a work life and we spend a significant part of our time in office. The people around us do have an impact on our productivity and efficiency till a certain level. A slight distortion in the work life balance disturbs all the strings attached to it.

office etiquette
Have you ever thought that your actions at workplace affect the privacy of your colleagues up to some extent!
You hate a particular colleague of yours just because of his habit of having long conversations at phone! How that bothers you? Well the thing is that it’s not his conversation that’s bothering you but it’s the pitch of his voice that’s breaking your concentration.
Well I would today depict a few things which we need to keep in mind while at work as they affect us as well as others too!

1. Check what you speak and how you speak

While working you receive a personal call. You leisurely start talking without being concerned about the person in the next cubicle. Why? Try to avoid personal calls as much as you can as others are least interested in your relationships and stories related to them. You are just distracting them from their work. If something urgent comes up then try to speak as slowly and calmly as possible. The colleague sitting next to you should not listen to what you are talking about.

2• Give a close look to your eating habits

You are a great foodie and have hunger attacks every now and then. Good! But why make your colleague suffer for that with noises of you munching some snack or crackle of some chocolate wrapper. The worst is you chewing so loudly that the person next to you feels as if he is the only one eating something. At many places it is prohibited to take eatables to workstations as they attract rodents as well as result in dirt everywhere. The aroma of you food is the biggest gimmick. There are sophisticated pantries made exclusively for you!

3• Keep an eye on your relationships with your colleagues

You team is like a family to you-so far so good. But the good times slowly end if you actually start taking your team as your family. Be very clear that colleagues are just colleagues and your relation with them ends every day in the evening and starts everyday in the morning. Your professional family can never ever be like your biological family and you have no right to discuss your family/personal matters to with them. This will make you feel light for sometime but at the end of the day they will generate a sketch of your nature which will in turn be harmful for you only. Never trust anyone blindly as you can never predict how people will turn out to be.

4• Look what you wear
Please stamp one thing on your mind clearly that you are going to office not to some fancy dress show or fashion show. Be sensible enough while dressing yourself for work. You should strictly not wear sheer see through clothes. Extremely tight and on the contrary ill-fitted clothes are the things to look for. Avoid wearing flashy and hot colors like neon’s and reds. Instead opt for some soft pastel shades-whites, blacks and browns will never let you down. Try to be minimalistic with your accessories as much as you can. A good watch and a sober neckpiece with sophisticated not so big earrings or studs would be just fine. Please coordinate your accessories with your clothes. Avoid wearing anklets and bangles as they create noises every now and then and gain all the attention.

5• Be careful about the time
Last but not the least, in fact the most important part is time management. Be punctual and try to reach office before or on time. If you have to attend meetings reach the venue 5 minutes in advance so that you are excused with last minute hurry. Avoid staying late at night until and unless you have deadline to meet. Colleagues staying in office just surfing useless websites may create an impact in the managers’ eye that they are dedicated and hard working but the fact is that they are cheating themselves and creating hurdles for sincere dedicated people who do not stay late but complete tasks on time.
These are the small things which help us keep out of mess at workplace.

Hope you all enjoyed reading it!!!!

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10 thoughts on “5 Office Etiquette you must Definitely Know

  1. Loved this! I so agree with the staying late part 🙁 too many ppl stay late doing nothing and make others look bad if they leave early! Although I must say the dress part depends on your office culture and also your profession, since in my company it was extremely relaxed in terms of clothing, even the CEO would wear shorts, my boss wore a jumpsuit and we could wear anything too.

  2. oohhh.. the same rule applies in my company also.. we can totally wear anything and eveything.. it is fun yo dress up for office.. 🙂

  3. Excellent post pallavi. I looove to dress but but I am a bit careful at what I wear to office. I would not wear short dresses or short skirts to office. Even though we have casual atm at office, I still take care that my clothes are quite approp for office environment. 🙂

  4. Great post, Pallavi. I am newly discovering the many sorrows of dumb people at work having terrible office etiquette. I especially agree with the eating habits bit. I have a fellow intern who munches on Gems ALL the bloody time (and hence never quite fits into her kurtas) making so much noise that you would feel she was eating mountain rocks. 😐

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