OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream Review

By Anjana M.

Curly hair is often considered high maintenance due to its unexpected behavior, but if you know how to control it, there is barely anything that can beat gorgeous spirals. My hair is naturally curly, dry and thick and currently a little longer than shoulder level.  Overseas, you see many sites for curly haired beauties – what products to apply, what not to, how to wash hair, how to dry hair and what not. In India, there is a dearth of products themselves, let alone sites. So, I keep checking shopping websites day in and day out to find anything that has the word “curl” in it.  On one such mission, I came across the Curling Perfection Defining Cream by Organix.  “Exotic pure Moroccan argan oil,” “revive and define curls” – these words were enough to immediately add it to my cart. Known as “liquid gold,” argan oil is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E.

OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream


Rs. 725 for 177 ml.


OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream

My Experience with OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream:

On wet hair, this is how I usually apply curl creams – after washing, conditioning and towel drying my hair, I flip my hair over, take a half-lime sized quantity of the product, rub it on my palms and apply it onto different sections of my hair combing through the hair with my fingers. Then, I scrunch my hair for 1 or 2 minutes.  I don’t club this with any leave-in conditioner or serum. Then, I let it air dry overnight (I am among those who cannot get up early to wash their hair).  Curly-haired beauties should say a big “NO” to brushes, combs and hair dryers as they can make the curls frizzy and lose definition.

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OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream

The next morning my curls are beautifully defined, hydrated and bouncy. There is a little frizz though.  There are no hard lumps of hair sticking together which is the worst part about curl defining creams/gels, Agrh! Nor is there any residual patchy or flaky coating on the hair.

OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream

On dry hair, I applied this to my second day dry hair similarly in sections flipping my hair over. It caused my hair to look greasy and unkempt. My hair became frizzier than usual and there were a lot of fly-a-ways. It didn’t give any definition to the hair and instead of adding moisture, it made my hair look like hay.

OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream

Texture: It is a thick non-sticky cream.
Spreadability: It spreads well on damp hair but poorly on dry hair.
Smell: It has a great smell; neither too strong nor too mild.
Packaging: A sturdy blue plastic bottle with a pull up-push down opening.

Pros of OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream:

  • Defines curls very well on damp hair.
  • Smells great.
  • Doesn’t make hair crunchy or hard.
  • Not sticky.
  • Hydrates hair.
  • Doesn’t weigh down curls.
  • Doesn’t leave any residue.
  • I wash my hair every 2-3 days and one bottle has lasted me for about 2 months.

Cons of OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream:

  • Doesn’t give the desired results on dry hair.
  • May not work on people with fine hair, as it is thick in consistency.
  • Controls frizz and fly-a-ways to a limited degree only.
  • Bottle is not travel friendly (may leak).

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Would I Repurchase OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream?

I am yet to find a product that revives dry curls. For what it does on wet hair (amazing well defined curls!) this is definitely a great buy. So yes.

Do I Recommend OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream?

YES YES YES to all my fellow curlies who are finding a hard time finding products in India that suit their needs. This will hydrate and define your curls!

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12 thoughts on “OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream Review

  1. Hi Anjana,

    I too have curly hair and of worst kind I feel 🙁 I am not able to manage them cant try any hairstyle. My hair only looks good when wet but after that a jungle( as I have more volume plus curls). Please tell me how you manage them. By the way nice review 🙂 but me too looking for some product for everyday dry hair .

    1. Thanks Jomol! We have 1 more thing in common huh? Nice 🙂 By the way the pics look very compressed and grainy right 😐

  2. Hi …I am a doctor by profession and I recently discovered the curly girl method….I used to straighten my hair previously but not too often ….none of the products I use seem to be working for me….also styling my hair is a big problem…because time constraint is constant in my daily routine …so please suggest some easy tips for everyday styling and curl refreshment

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