Oil Treatment for Different Types of Hair

Oil Treatment for Different Types of Hair

With winters approaching soon the hair tends to become dry, frizzy, rough and increases the difficulty to manage it. Oil treatments are a centuries old remedy to make our hair more manageable, beautiful and shiny. So, it is very important to choose the right oil for different types of hair and also it is essential to know what benefits can be derived from different types of oil. For us, Indian women, we prefer coconut oil regardless of knowing what the condition of hair is. Coconut oil is no doubt one of the best treatments available but sometimes it is necessary to look beyond too.
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1. Dry Hair: It is caused by use of strong chemical based shampoos, color treatments, rebonding, using hot tools or even over exposure of the sunlight. In case of dry hair, the oil glands become inactive thereby making the hair dry. Best oil suited for dry hair are:

• Jojoba Oil– It not only adds the much needed moisture to the hair but it also makes the hair softer and easy to detangle.
• Coconut Oil– It is rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron which help in moisturizing the damaged hair. It also helps in strengthening the hair.
• Olive Oil– It is an all rounder oil which works on any kind of hair. It nourishes, strengthens & increases the hair elasticity.
• Almond Oil– It contains Vitamin A, B & E which nourishes the scalp and adds lustre & shine to dull-dry hair

2. Oily Hair- When the glands over-secrete oil, the hair and scalp tends to get oily. This ‘greasy’ hair feeling would not come off even after washing.
• Basil Oil– It helps in controlling the production of oil from the scalp and even reduces the oiliness from the hair.
• Lemon Oil– It not help in controlling excess oil from the scalp but it also fights the dandruff.

3. Hair with Dandruff &a Flaky Scalp
• Lavender Oil– It not only works on dandruff but it also helps in curbing the lice problem.
• Rosemary Oil– It is one of the best and effective treatment for dandruff and keeps the flaky scalp in check.
• Rose Oil– It acts as a natural soother to scalp with all the itching & soreness caused by the dandruff.
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4. Hair with Breakage & Hairfall Problem
• Avocado Oil- It is rich in proteins and amino acids and it also has high levels of Vitamin A, D & E. This proteins & vitamins helps in strengthening the hair follicles, so that each strand can be stronger and can be protected from breakage.
• Peppermint Oil– This essential oil adds moisture to hair and promotes hair growth.
• Ylang Ylang Oil– This jasmine fragranced oil works as a hair tonic and prevents hair fall and is suitable for all types of hair.

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