Oils to Remove Makeup

Oils to remove makeup

Very recently I ventured into oils to remove makeup. A friend of mine swears by castor oil as an anti-aging regime, but for me, I mix up some coconut oil with few drops of castor oil to massage off the makeup.On other days, I simply use baby oil to wipe the makeup off. I typically use baby oil for eye makeup and mascara removal.If you really wish to know how to make the most of your makeup removal routine with some great oil benefits and massage, read on to know what oils you can use to remove makeup off your skin.

Earlier on, I thought oil would clog my pores acting as a cement-binding agent with grime, dirt and makeup.But I was wrong.Oils actually work to dissolve the skin surface and pore oils.Yes, many oils can be comedogenic but there are some amazing oils for your skin like olive, almond, castor, coconut and grapeseed oil that are actually good for your skin. I am into blending a few drops of two oils and use it remove makeup.

Olive oil can be used easily to remove makeup. This can also be great for removing stubborn eye makeup.Castor oil can be great to remove face makeup for oil skin. Massage it all over you’ve applied makeup. Apply slightly on eye lids as well and take your time to work on the makeup products on the face by dissolving it. Wipe the oil off of your face with a cotton and wash your face as normal.I usually like to go for a mild scrub face wash after this.

Castor oil can be great to remove face makeup for oil skin. If you are fan of castor oil, you can customize grapeseed with castor oil in 3:1 parts. Mix well and your sensitive skin makeup remover is ready.

Canola oil is now very easily available as much as your olive oil these days. Mix olive, canola and castor oil in equal parts and you are ready with your makeup remover. This works great for eye makeup as well.

Sweet almond oil is another brilliant choice.I personally find sweet almond oil a little heavy so you can dab some on cotton wool and then wipe the makeup off. I do the same with castor oil too as it is on the heavy side. These two will be great for dry skin in my opinion.

Coconut oil is my next favorite to baby oil for removing makeup. Take a spoonful and rub it on the palms to warm it up. Then massage your face and eyes too to remove the makeup, let it sit in for a minute and them remove it off with cotton.Wash as usual. This goes well for most skin types.
Jojoba oil might not be as easily available to use but mixing 3 parts jojoba oil with one part water makes for a great eye makeup remover for sensitive skin.

Not to forget our humble baby oil and easily available coconut and olive oil, the winner for me is coconut oil any day. My personal tip for you is to let the oil sit in for a minute, after massaging it for a minute.Then keep your eyes close and use a damp warm (microwaved for 5 seconds) and let it sit on the skin for 30 seconds before you wipe off your makeup.You will see visible difference in your skin’s elasticity, moisture level and of course you would have a more natural and cost effective makeup remover too.

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19 thoughts on “Oils to Remove Makeup

  1. Wow, lovely post. I used to use baby oil to remove my makeup. now thinking of giving Castor oil a go thanks to you *happydance*

  2. Wow great post *clap* *clap* I think I will go with olive oil for eye makeup removal..it enhances the growth of eye lashes too *jalwa* *jalwa*

  3. neha another master piece frm u.. *jai ho* I am definitely saving these tips for my self use and others.. *jai ho* *jai ho*

  4. Very nice article, Neha! 🙂 I use a mix of castor oil and sunflower oil to take off my makeup. Then, I do the ocm. If my makeup isn’t very heavy, I use these oils directly with the ocm.
    For me, coconut oil broke me out, and now I’m scared to use it on my face! *scared*

  5. What if the skin is oily ?? Can oil b used then ???
    Btw m a hugggggggeeeee fan of imbb…. Just addicted to it 😀

    1. yesss i have oily skin and oils dissolve oil, just use damp warm-hot towel or washcloth to wipe off
      yes we are all fans 😀 , welcome to IMBB

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