Olay Complete Sensitive Day Cream Review

Olay Complete Sensitive Day Cream

olay complete sensitive day cream
Today I’m going to review my mother’s favorite facial day cream and my current favorite hand cream. This cream is from Olay’s Complete range and is specially designed for sensitive skin.

Olay’s ‘Complete’ range has not yet come to the Indian market yet. I know so because I looked everywhere for this cream and I couldn’t find it online or at stores. I bought this from Bahrain, the Middle East. This cream is from Olay Arabia’s range of creams.

Product Description:
• It is a dermatologist tested, fragrance free formula which is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), 100% oil free and 100% PABA free.
• Anti-UV system: Its advanced anti-UV system gives broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection from sun and environmental damage. (SPF 15 UVA / UVB protection)
• Vitamins: Its vitamin-mineral complex and antioxidants nourish and protect your skin. (Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Pro-vitamin B5)
• Moisture: The moisturizing ingredients bind water into the upper layers of your skin to provide it day-long hydration. (Contains Glycerin)
• The result: Glowing, beautiful, healthy skin.

My Experience with Olay Complete Sensitive Day Cream

This cream is quiet thick and greasy. It works really well during winters and for extremely dry skinned women. My mother and I have combination skins and tend to get super dry skin on the cheeks and forehead areas. However, if you have oily skin I really wouldn’t suggest using this cream. Personally it looks really shiny on my forehead and cheeks because it is slightly greasy. I don’t know how that happens because the product claims to be oil free. My face SWEATS a lot when I use this on my face and I hate this cream for that, I guess it clogs my pores. Also, it is a really bad base for foundation. It works really well on my mother’s skin though.
day cream
It is fragrance-free and I love facial products without any fragrance because all the perfume tends to give my mother and me a very bad migraine. I use this cream on my elbows, knees, feet and fingers since these areas tend to get really dry regardless of the weather. My dry skin has improved drastically and I love this product for that. I don’t use it on my face because it is quiet greasy. I prefer using lotions on my face rather than creams.
This product comes in only a 50ml tiny tub type packaging which is travel friendly. I usually just throw this in my handbag to moisturize my hands and elbows whenever I want to. The only thing I don’t like about this product is its greasiness. My hands get really slippery but at the same time really shiny which I really like. You need a very small amount of this cream to moisturize your problems areas. Do not use a lot of this product or you’ll look like a shiny mirror. In the swatches you can see how shiny and greasy this product really is.

Women with dry skin are going to LOVE this product, combination skin can use it here and there whenever they notice dry skin and oily skinned women best stay away from this product.

Approx. Rs. 410 for 50 ml

Pros of Olay Complete Sensitive Day Cream

• Super moisturizing and works amazingly on dry skin. (only tiny amount is required per application)
• 100% oil free and 100% PABA free.
• Decently priced.
• Comes in a 50 ml tub which is super travel friendly.
• Contains SPF 15.
• Perfect for dry-combination skin.
• Fragrance-free.

Cons of Olay Complete Sensitive Day Cream

• Super greasy and not the best moisturizer for oily skin especially during the summers.
• Clogs my facial pores and makes a horribly base for foundation.
• Takes forever to blend and absorb into my skin.

Rating: 3/5

Would I repurchase this product?
Yes, but only for application on body and not on face.

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  2. nice and detailed review :yes: :yes: i have combination skin too and i had thought of tryin it.. thankyou for the warning 🙂 🙂

    1. Hey Sneha! :))
      You’re most welcome. I’m glad this review was of help to you. 🙂
      Try the Olay Lotion that Jomol had reviewed a few days ago. Its really nice! Tried and tested on my combination facial skin!

  3. Preiti…good review, I have started noticing Olay more now after I had a good experience with the moisturizing lotion :yes:

    1. Joooo! :))

      I love the moisturizing lotion that you had reviewed. It works real well with my skin. This cream that I reviewed isn’t that great. See how greasy it is?? :tremble:

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