Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness Review

Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness

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Finally it’s raining in Delhi and I hope monsoon stay a longer time. Today’s review is about a fairness cream from Olay. I don’t believe in fairness but I still use fairness creams to even out my skin tone and to remove tan. After using the 3 in 1 cream from Olay, I was excited to try this 7 in 1 cream too. Let’s move to the review.

Price: Rs. 165 for 40 gm

Product Description:

OLAY Natural White Light Instant Glowing Fairness Serum formula works immediately to brighten your face and also helps:

1) Correct uneven skin tone
2) Make skin tone lighter
3) Provide sun protection
Available in 40g, 20g pack sizes and a 7.5gm sachet.

My Experience with it Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness:

Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness comes in a white and blue cardboard package which I have thrown away.  The cream tube is white and has a cap on top which shuts tightly. The packaging is nice and travel friendly.

The texture of the olay cream is light and non-greasy and thus it suits my combination skin really well. It absorbs quickly leaving my face moisturized. If you have dry skin then I would recommend you to skip it as it will not give you enough moisture. You just need a pea sized amount for face and neck and thus the cream is cheap and affordable. One tube will last you for 1-1.5 months easily when used regularly. It has mild pleasant fragrance which doesn’t irritate my nose.
It moisturizes well and gets absorbed within seconds. After application, it gives matte finish to my face and also controls oil for 2 hours maximum in summers. It instantly brightens my face and adds a noticeable glow too. If you have a clear face then this can be your only-product for daily use as it gives you glow and brightens up face. I use it under my bb cream and my face looks even and glowing after that. I also use it alone sometimes when I want a makeup-free face and it keeps my face glowy for 3-4 hours. I have been using it since 3 weeks now but I have not seen any lightening or fairness effect. I was expecting it to work on my blemishes but it failed completely. I have two light blemishes on my cheek but they are still their even after using this cream for 3 weeks regularly. So, the claims of lightening, reducing dark spots and giving you even skin tone is completely FALSE. If you are thinking of purchasing this cream for the claims then don’t as you will be disappointed. It brightens but doesn’t lighten. I am still using this cream because it is a good moisturizer but I will not recommend.


Pros of Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness

• Instantly brightens up face and gives natural glow
• Travel Friendly as the tube is small and light
• Cheap and affordable price
• Nice Mild fragrance
• Gives smooth and matte finish
• A good everyday makeup base
• Light, non oily and non greasy texture
• Moisturizes my skin really well



Cons of Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness

• No lightening effect
• Doesn’t reduce dark spots
• Doesn’t give even skin tone
• The claims are FALSE
• Not for dry skin
• Exact SPF is not written, only UV protection is written on the tube

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Will I Recommend Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness?

If you have combination to oily skin and looking for a perfect moisturizer for daily use then get this Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness. It’s light-weight, non-greasy, has pleasant fragrance and gives matte finish. It does NOT LIGHTEN but Brightens face instantly. If you are looking for a lightening cream then don’t purchase this. I will try other moisturizers.

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