Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum Review

Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Serum

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Hello sweethearts,

Olay has been one of the trustworthy brands when it comes to picture-perfect skincare products especially for the middle-aged ladies. I have used so many Olay products like their face washes, their day and night creams and I actually do not have any complaints. IMBB was very generous enough to give me the opportunity to try this out as among given the options I would definitely select skin care because I don’t know I am never content with my face care and I always want my skin to look even healthier. And I would thank IMBB from the bottom of my heart as my mom could also share this with me and she liked this one a lot as serums do a really great job for ladies after their 40’s. So let’s see how this worked for my baby skin and how it worked for my mom’s skin; so this would give a perspective from both the sides as to what is does for the skin in 20’s and their 40’s.



Price: Rs 1999 for 50 ml

What Olay claims about the Olay regenerist micro-sculpting serum:

Concentrated to give you brighter, more radiant skin that’s firmer after just 5 days. The ultra light-weight formula delivers anti-aging ingredients deep into skin’s surface and moisturizes to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 2 weeks.

Younger looking skin without drastic measures.*
• Skin is instantly hydrated and after just 5 days, skin is firmer looking.
• Skin looks brighter and more radiant.

* Results not equal to cosmetic procedures.
Formulated with advanced amino-peptide complex and a formula with hydra-firming complex, this serum helps plump surface skin cells for a youthful look.

Add to your skincare routine to:

• Moisturize to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Exfoliate to aid in surface cell turnover
• Hydrates to firm skin over time
Directions for use:
Use Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum in the morning and at night. Apply with your fingertips, massaging the serum onto your face and neck in an upward circular motion. Focus on areas like the brow and jaw line.
The formula is lightweight so you can use it under your facial moisturizer.


My experience with Olay regenerist micro-sculpting serum

A lot of explanation is given about what it will do for the skin so will straight away jump to the packaging part. The box comes in a black and red packaging which looks exactly like the regenerist range that we have in India. The box is a big one and has all the ingredients and instructions written over it in a very good manner. This is a daily treatment so there would be faster results and this can be used before applying a moisturiser or on its own and there would be no need of applying a moisturiser because it is hydrating enough. The bottle initially looked like it was made upof glass but is made up of plastic is a deep maroon colour with a silver cap and the packaging is kept pretty simple and decent. It is exactly a palm sized bottle and a thin one so pretty easy to carry as well. It has a small pump dispenser which is very light and you can press it with ease. It gives out the right amount that would be needed in one go. A very small amount is needed at a time so this bottle goes a long way. The serum is actually peach-ish in colour with a glaze in it and shines. The consistency is not that runny, it is very smooth and blends on very easily on the skin within minutes and a good 1 minute massage makes it absorb completely. It may seem a little slippery on the face at the initial stage but as it gets absorbed the slippery feeling fades away. The fragrance is a soothing perfumed one and is very nice and appealing to the nose. I normally use it beneath my moisturiser but for a few days I used it alone. It gives a big boost of hydration instantly and the skin stays hydrated for 7-8 hours and the skin becomes extremely soft after you apply it. There wouldn’t be a  need of a moisturizer actually.


It can be used as a base for make-up for the make-up to spread flawlessly on the face. My skin always looked hydrated in the morning and it did not have a single dry patch on the face even in these harsh winters. Initially in the first week it did not show a major result on my skin because it is mainly meant for ageing kin so I was a little disappointed but I was wrong about it, after a week it started showing results. It makes my face look a bit chubby which I don’t like and this one after continuous use of 15-17 days made that area firm and now when I hit that area near the cheeks skin does not look saggy and this is the major thing that it did for me but after that it did actually nothing for me but kept my skin hydrated all day in winters too. This was all what it did for me but I liked how it kept my skin healthy and glowing all day.

Now let’s come to what it did for mom, this is more of a product designed for ageing skin. Me and my mom were using it for the same number of days but I think it showed  great results for her rather than me. My mom had a little sagging skin in between the eye and the nose area. That skin was totally gone and a lot more firm and tighter skin was revealed. It made her face toned and glowing. A little touch of youthfulness was added to her face after she used this. The fines lines on her forehead had started to fade so I can say that this does a great job for ageing as well as normal skin. Mom also applies it under the eye contour area and that area has also become firm, I wouldn’t advise to use it under the eye area but she applied it just above the cheeks and that made here the skin under the eye contour area firm as well. Now my mom’s ageing problem is solved to a great extent she is happy and also thanks IMBB. I have oily skin and acne-prone skin and my mom has oily skin but she never gets pimples or anything like me and this broke me out a little but the acne were pretty small and went away in a day or two. This serum can be compared to all the high-end brand ones but go for it as the price is less than the expensive similar serums and women between their 30’s and 45’s will love this. I would say that the claim to see the changes in 5 days isn’t that true because like any other skin product this takes time to work but a month will be more than enough for you to see the difference.


Pros of Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Serum

-Available on Indian websites and all the stores in overseas countries too
-The packaging is pretty decent and looks sophisticated
-Calls itself a daily treatment so it will give good and faster results if used daily morning and evening
-Comes in a pump dispenser bottle and the whole is very small so it gives out the necessary product
-A very very small amount is needed at a time and the texture is very thin and smooth and blends within seconds
-The fragrance is a perfumed powdery one but it is a lovely smell which is very soothing to the nose and the look of the serum is very shimmery and gorgeous
-It acts as a perfect and smooth base for make-up or any other moisturiser
-My mom is in her 40’s and she saw a lot more firmness in her sagging skin then mine; it made the area near the neck, the area between the eyes and the nose very firm and the face looked toned
-Every morning you get up with a glow and the face is fully treated with hydration
-Gets absorbed quickly unlike other serums and hydrated the skin from the very moment and the skin stays hydrated for like 8-9 hours
-Skin looks healthier after continuous use day and night and mom saw that her wrinkles and lines on the forehead were decreasing day by day


Cons of Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Serum

-It is on an expensive side
-Not available in Indian stores
-The effects will not be visible in 5 days as they claim on their website
-The texture is a bit slippery and you may find it to be extra silky initially when you apply it
-Does not contain SPF so I had to top it up with my day cream containing SPF

Will I repurchase/recommend Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Serum ?

Yes me and my mom will surely recommend this serum because it is great for all the skin types and it will keep the skin hydrated and firm and it will genuinely help the women in their 30’s and 40’s to look young and maintain their skin. This is going to go a long way so probably as soon as this gets over, me and my mom will pick one more because it helped both our skins to look healthy and glowing.

IMBB Rating: 4.6/5

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