Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum Review


Today, I will be reviewing Olay Regenerist serum. I forced my mom to get this serum last month when we went to the market to get Olay Regenerist night cream. I explained to her in the store itself about all the benefits of using a serum and the way she should apply this before applying the regenerist cream. Finally, she agreed to buy this serum along with the Olay Regenerist cream. She bought Olay Regenerist cream for second time and this serum for the first time ever. I had been motivating her to use this serum daily and since she has used it for almost a month now, I thought I will review this serum on her behalf.

olay regenerist serum

Price: Rs 1299

My experience with this product:

Olay Regenerist Regenerating serum comes in a shiny, carbon grey bottle with a pump dispenser and a transparent cap. The bottle is sturdy and travel friendly. You can put it in your hand bag or travel bag without any worries that it will spill. The pump dispenser is very easy to use. It dispenses the right amount of product required for a single usage. You can control the amount of product dispensed by controlling how much you press the dispenser.


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This serum has gel like consistency. It is neither thick nor runny, but somewhere in between. It is transparent in color and doesn’t have any strong smell. It blends very easily into skin. It gets absorbed easily into the skin without leaving any greasiness or oily residue behind it. It makes the skin super smooth; you know almost the way primer works. It is quite moisturising on its own but still I think it should be always followed by a moisturiser because after all, it’s a serum and not a moisturiser.

My mom has used it twice daily for almost a month after cleansing her face. She follows this serum with Olay Total Effects day cream in morning and Olay Regenerist Cream in the night. I am a direct witness to all the effects this serum had on my mom. Two days after she had started using this serum, I could see a nice, healthy glow on her face. It improves the texture of skin and evens out the skin tone. All moisturizers glide smoothly and easily over it and get absorbed easily. This serum definitely helps in decreasing the fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Though it doesn’t prevent the appearance of wrinkles totally, it reduces wrinkles to some extent. We never expected it to reduce wrinkles completely or prevent its appearance completely because after all, it cannot stop the natural process. It gives some firmness to the skin. The softness and smoothness it gives to the skin is very soothing. It decreases the appearance of new age spots. This serum doesn’t cause any miracle effects and it is must to use it regularly for noticeable effects. Being a product of a well trusted brand of anti-ageing products, I am sure it’s worth trying.

olay regenerist serum review

• Blends very easily.
• Gets absorbed instantly and doesn’t leave any oily residue or stickiness behind it.
• Makes the skin super soft and smooth.
• Reduces the fine lines.
• Gives a healthy glow to the face.
• Reduces the appearance of new wrinkles.
• Provides firmness to skin.
• Improves the skin tone and texture.
• Reduces the appearance of age spots.
• Travel friendly packaging.
• Pump dispenses the right amount of the product and prevents wastage.

olay regenerist serum swatch

• High price but I think it was kind of expected because serums are expensive and moreover, the regenerist range of Olay is expensive.
• Won’t cause any miracle effects.

Imbb rating:

Will I recommend?
Yes. Though it doesn’t cause any miracle effects to skin, I will totally recommend this because it does everything in its power to improve the skin tone, skin texture, reduce new wrinkles, providing firmness and reducing fine lines. Since ageing is a natural process and we cannot stop it completely, it will be wrong to expect miracles from this product. If you are already using other Olay products and they have positive effects on your skin and if you are looking for an anti-ageing serum, you should definitely try this.

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14 thoughts on “Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum Review

  1. I’ve been pursuing my mom to use this… Now i’ll make her read this review or may be just buy it for her! Thanks for the review Surbhi 😀

  2. I have been looking for a serum and I think your review has helped me so thanks a ton. i will buy this next month. I have used the other Olay serum and it didnt work well for my skin at all. but I love the Olay cleanser (my HG cleanser) and the Olay 7-n-1 day cream. Both these are fab products for my skin.

    1. you r most welcome aru di 🙂 i hope this works for u. i won’t claim any miracle but still if this works for u, u might feel that ur skin is improving 🙂

  3. It’s so sweet of you to pursue your mom for this, I too love buying stuff for my mom since shez former Mrs.Pune n is always on the lookout for the best creams n serums in the market, thanx for sharing, regards to your mom, TC

    1. thanks alot for appreciating priya. my mom never applied anything other than lipstick, so i am tryin to convince her since last one year to try light makeup n skin care products. ur mom was Mrs. pune? wow… u shud definitely get this for her if she loves searching for products 🙂

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