Olive Green Eyeshadow Tutorial

Olive Green Eyeshadow Tutorial

By Aditi Y. from Chicorita


My association with IMBB goes way back to 2011, when I was a silent spectator and seldom a writer. I am so happy to see the exponential growth of the blog. You can search my name to check out posts I have written for IMBB as a writer in the last couple of years.  Here’s a eye makeup tutorial by me.

Step 1:  Prepping

step 1

Start with preparing your eyes with an under eye cream to reduce puffiness and appearance of dark circles.

Step 2:  Concealing

step 2

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Use an orange corrector on the darkness under your eyes.

step 2_2

Let it set for a minute, follow with patting your concealer on top. (Remember to pat and not drag your brush or finger tip).

Step 3:  MAC Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow

step 3

Apply a wash of MAC Sumptuous Olive all over your lid.

MAC Texturize Eyeshadow

Step 4:  MAC Texturize Eyeshadow

step 4

Apply MAC Texturize in your crease and outer V.

Step 5:  Kajal

step 5

Apply kajal on your upper and lower waterline and upper lash line.

Step 6:  Smudge the Liner

step 6

It does not have to be very precise, as we will go over the kajal using a liquid liner. You can see the kajal is feathered on the edges which gives a light smokey effect.

Step 7:  Liquid Liner

step 7

Go over the kajal with a liquid liner.

Step 8:  Final Look

Curl your lashes and apply load of mascara. You are good to go!


step 9

The look is subtle enough to be worn during the day time despite the shimmer particles in the eyeshadows. Do leave your comments and suggestions below!

About the Author:

By day, Aditi is an amiable architect working with a reputed firm. By night, she dons her cape of fashion and assumes her alter ego of a blogger. Besides her incessant web activities and freakish love of cleanliness, she also loves to cook, tries to dance and is currently pursuing Hindustani classical singing.  You can check her blog www.chicorita.com and the facebook page here.

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