OMG! 20 Facts You Never Knew About Fashion

It is that time of the year when girls completely immerse themselves in the fashion world. A chart is maintained prior to the occasion – to remember what to wear, with which accessory. Also, an evening meeting is held in the family to discuss about the most suitable shoes and handbags with the attire. This is the only time of the year when even the male members join hands to rescue us from the fashion doubts, and become more forgiving about the long hours that we take to get ready. Perhaps, it is also the time when we love flaunting our traditional dresses like sarees and lehengas to the world. It is not only the month of two Fs, ‘Festive’ and ‘Fashion’, but also the season to showcase whatever you’ve learned from IMBB. 😉 In today’s post let’s know about some fun facts related to fashion that I bet you never knew!

2) “Grabatologist” is a term used for people who loves collecting ties.

3) That low waist baggy pants which is a craze these days among guys (and which often leaves girls in awkward situations) was actually worn by the prisoners of Los Angeles. They were not allowed to wear belts and that’s why their pants used to hang loose from their waist, showing off their undergarments. If only, guys knew this!

4) In ancient times, a girl with short hair was considered unfaithful to her partner.

OMG! Facts You Never Knew About Fashion2

5) Until World War II, women were not allowed to wear shorts in public.

6) Did you know that pregnancy was a fashion in 15th century? They loved it so much that some of the girls used to hide pillows under their dresses…to fake pregnancy, for fashion.

7) In 15th century, when models and modeling were yet not born, fashion designers used to dress small dolls to show their creations to the clients.

8) In 1997, PETA members were so furious with Alexander McQueen for using animal and bird heads in a fashion show that they dumped animal guts in the doorstep of Givenchy Paris Boutique. Alexander McQueen committed suicide in 2010.

9) Mark Twain, the great American author and humorist, is also the inventor of bra-strap clasp.

OMG! Facts You Never Knew About Fashion

10) Till 1910, even male child used to wear dresses until they were 5 or 6 years old.

11) Elizabeth I made it compulsory for girls over the age of 7 to wear hats on Sundays and on holidays. Anyone spotted without a hat was punished.

12) In 1907, a woman was arrested in Boston for wearing bikini on beach.

13) Women dresses used to be so wide in 1860s that often they used to get stuck in the doorway.

14) Initially white was the mourning color until Queen Victoria wore white colored gown on her wedding day. Since then, white became the wedding color and black for mourning.

15) High heels were worn by both men and women in ancient times. It started diminishing in 1740. Men used to wear high heels while riding horses.

OMG! Facts You Never Knew About Fashion4

16) Can you believe that Russians didn’t wear socks till 2007! They used to wrap their feet with plain clothes before that.

17) In 1999, two women died for wearing bras. Their under wired bras caught lightening and transferred current between them, causing their death. Under wired acted as electricity conductor for them.

18) Do you know that skirt is the second oldest garment? First is loincloth!

19) The length of women’s skirt was first shortened to make them feel comfortable while travelling in automobiles.

20) The major International Fashion Shows which is held twice every year – February & September happens in a particular order, first in New York then in London , Milan and lastly in Paris.

OMG! Facts You Never Knew About Fashion1

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Do you know any such interesting fun facts about fashion?
Lastly, Happy Durga Pujo and Navratri to all the girls out there! Hope you’re having great time with family and friends. 🙂

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  1. This was very fascinating as usual Shainee. I would never want to see my man in heels. Didn’t know many of these facts. Awesome article. 🙂

    1. Mr Twain was just not happy with all his literary achievements and wanted more i think 😀 Thank you Rati for reading my post 🙂

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