13 One Minute Beauty Hacks that You Have to Try

In today’s post let’s talk about some really useful make up and beauty hacks that take less than a minute to work wonders on your skin.

One Minute Beauty Hacks

1.Quick exfoliation:


After you finish brushing your teeth, clean up the paste from your mouth area. Apply some olive oil to your lips and gently scrub your lips with the brush. This will ensure smoother lipstick application later.

2. Make your lips stand out:


If your lips are small and lack proper definition, then don’t fret! Just dab a little concealer around the edge of your mouth and just above your upper lip and spread before your lipstick to define your lips perfectly.

3. For that subtle glow:

You might not be a master at applying bronzer perfectly but you can definitely get that subtle glow. Simply add a bit of bronzer to your moisturizer and then apply it on your face. This combination will add glow to your skin without making it too obvious.

4. Carry rosewater spray with you at all times:


If your skin feels dry and stretchy during the day and needs an instant dose of hydration, then look no further than a humble bottle of rose water. You should do it as often as you can because whenever our skin feels too dry then collagen breaks down as the moisture in your skin is depleted.

5. For instant de-stress:

Neck muscles get tightened because of all the stress which further leads to blood flow getting blocked. You can massage the nape of your neck for a minute, to loosen the muscles. Proper blood flow will de-stress you instantly and will prevent the release of the hormone Cortisol that can inhibit collagen production.

Quick tips:

13 One Minute Beauty Hacks that You Have to Try

1. For faking naturally thicker looking eyebrows, use a brow pencil that is lighter than your hair color. And, pat some concealer on your brow bone and above the eyebrow areas. Blend it well. That’s it 🙂
2. To make your bun hairstyle look more voluminous, divide your hair into two, make plaits and then, tie them together. Now, twist them inside like the way you do for a normal bun hairstyle.

6. Use dry shampoo:


Use dry shampoo at night, to make your morning routine smoother. You will wake up with healthier looking tresses, that look volumized and don’t need too much of styling. Just dust it on, before you got to bed at night and you are sorted for the day.

7. Use mousse for perfect loose waves:


If you are going out at night and want perfect loose waves, then apply mousse to hair from roots to ends, put your hair into a high bun in the morning and get on with your day. You can build volume by gently pulling the hair at the top of your head forward, tugging it out of the bun so the hair stays lifted as it sets.

8. Mix concealer with your face cream:

If you want a luminous glow on your skin, then use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone with your usual face cream. Use this concealer-cream blend on your forehead, brow bones, the bridge of your nose and under eye area.

9. Use baked blush:


Our normal blushes can sometimes give you stark and harsh lines, you can use baked blushes for more pigment and a more long-lasting colour on your cheeks that looks natural and provides a perfect finish.

10. Use balm on tired skin:

When your skin looks dull and tired, just take a little bit of lip balm on your fingers and pat it along your cheekbones and brow bones in a half moon shape. This will ensure a healthier look to your skin in seconds.

11. Natural glow for dry skin:

If your skin is dry means, it lacks that dewiness, well you can try mixing few drops of facial oil with your foundation and then apply it for a perfect glowing and dewy finish.

12. Hide those pimple marks:


Some acne and pimple marks are just too stubborn for a normal concealer. You can use a green coloured concealer to hide your acne and red blemishes.

13. For instant plump lips:

Apply a highlighter, just outside the lip area in the same way as the shape of your upper and lower lips. Then blend it with your finger. This will make your lips look more prominent and plumped in few seconds.

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