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99labelsI have never bought anything online and for the first time I bought a face wash from 99 labels. I came to know about 99 labels through a friend and when I registered I got Rs.250 as gift. It works as simple as any other online shopping portal and this one too has products in discount price. Though they have improved the site over time and many things have changed recently, I will share my experience here with you all.

I had this Rs.250 which was about to expire soon and I had to buy something from 99 labels. I was browsing for products regularly and either they were too expensive [in spite of the discount] or they were not very impressive. That is when I heard about the brand ‘Boots’ and I wanted to try something from the brand. Also 99 labels had some Boots products for sale. I didn’t want to pay extra as I wanted to utilize the gift amount. I found a cucumber face wash which was Rs.250 including shipping. Hurray !!!! I was super glad and ordered the face wash.

Surprisingly I got the parcel in a week’s time. The website actually said that they will dispatch the parcel only after the sale is over and it might take a month’s time for one to receive the parcel. So it was a sweet surprise for me when I got the parcel in a week. It was exactly the same product what I had ordered. I mention this point because these days such online portals send some random products other than what we order!!!! So it is very important that we get what we have ordered.

Recently they also credited Rs.500 as a gift for my birthday!!!

Things that have been changed at 99 Labels

• One cannot use the entire gift amount only to buy a product. For Eg. If the gift amount is Rs.250 your order amount has to be more than Rs.250. Even the Rs.500 given cannot be redeemed at one purchase. I have to use it for 2 purchases by splitting the amount into two Rs.250. For the same the above rule holds good. Recently I heard through a friend that she got her package really late.

• These are the changes I have noticed but there are so many others too, so it is better to know the entire details and then buy any product. Though my experience was really good [which was long back] I am not very sure how it works now. Hopefully they should provide prompt service like before.

Common and Major Problems Faced with Online Shopping Portals

• Delay in shipping the product. While I ordered something from Fashion and You I got it delivered almost after 2 months By the time I got the parcel I almost lost all enthusiasm.
• We don’t get the product what we order. They send a different product or the product that we see online looks completely different when we get it and see it closely.
• There are so many ifs and buts in their system. For Eg. Entire credit/gift amount cannot be used at one go, which will force us to purchase more than once from their website, irrespective of whether we like any product or not.
• Fashion and You has this points system where we gain points for inviting friends etc. This usually doesn’t work properly.
• The products they send might be damaged and they claim not to take any responsibility for the damage caused during shipping.

I conclude saying it is better to go to the shops directly and get what we want, as there is nothing as joyful as shopping directly in the stores. It also avoids all the risks mentioned above and also going around the mall helps us lose some unwanted weight 😉 without any pain.

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29 thoughts on “Online Shopping Experience with 99 Labels

  1. Glad you had a good experience with 99 labels Aarthi but after such a disastrous experience with fashion and you (they havent refunded my money and it’s been 2 months) I am quite scared to shop from these portals. :((

    bt still i’d def take a look at the site, 🙂

    1. Rati.. I used FnY some 6 times…I liked the clothes, things I dont have that much access to here. One necklace looked a wee bit old, and one package was a bit slow, but otherwise I had a decent exp. But hearing all your experiences (esp Radhika’s copyright theft) has really scared me! Decided not to risk ordering any more …unless I get a free voucher!

      1. yeah Shai even Jinal had quite a good experience with them. SO this is quite personal but a lot of people other than me also had quite a bad experience with them. :((

        I am also not risking ordering from them ever. :((

    2. Actually after this F&Y mess I am really scared to do any shopping online Rati.. 🙁 Be it F&Y or 99labels.. I didn’t use my birthday gift amount also.

  2. i accidently stumbled on this site last week bec of some offer they have on HDFC cards..seems decent…..i feel all these portals have the same set of brands rotated a catwalk and a carlton will def be part of all online sales…
    and yes you are right…i feel the stuff is very different when online and offline…unless u r really sure of what you want…there is always a bit of risk involved in buying things online…and ofcourse nothing beats the thrill of going around shop and window shopping and buying things….. 🙂

  3. I work from home and have a young toddler, so getting to malls is a problem. So recently have been trying out the online stores. The biggest issue I’ve found in most of these stores is that you can’t really know if the product is genuine or not (esp: when shopping for perfumes ) and you are not sure what the expiry dates for the products is. If you are getting a dirt cheap rate, rest assured it is too good to be true. Come on, even if you are selling in bulk, a Rs 5,000 Bvlgari, can’t be on sale for 500!
    I still shop online, but tend to stick to shoppers stop or similar reputed stores selling online. I have shopped from perfume2order once since I got a great deal,plus it was COD, but till today I am not sure if the product I received is authentic and since it’s not available in India, I can’t really check in the store either! So I’d exercise caution when shopping online from these discount stores.

    1. Even I have a 6 months old kid Teena and that is why even I started shopping online 🙂 But as you said we have no idea about how genuine is the product 🙁

      1. ditto Aarthi.. are u based out of Chennai too? life changes after kids, doesn’t it? I miss the shopping sprees, and make do with online shopping, but with a lot of scepticism. It’s a different feeling to touch and feel, test and then buy the product.

  4. I too stay away from Online shopping like most people except for known and tested sites like Coastal Scents and cherry culture. Its nice u had a good experience with this site.

    1. cherryculture has prices in dollars na? How cheap is it after including the intl shipping? Is it still worth the price? Haven’t tried them out yet, but will surely check.

  5. Hi i have brought a perfume through this website i wanted to know whether it is original or not as i havent got the product yet

  6. 99labels is a fraud website according to me.many of my close friends have got cheaten by months go my friend was cheated by them for 150rupees she paid for a stole. The major highlight was,myself who lost 272 rupees by paying for 3packets of henna and dint get even a single pack recently 🙁 .when i started sharing this with my friends,all started to sing their own blood is boiling! :hunterwali: :hunterwali: .i got frustrated that much after hearing their complaints. i really dont know what to do. 🙁

  7. I was a regular shopper at but now I have completely stopped becuase of my previous order’s experience with Shahnaz Hussain products.They want me to return the products and give some refund or points.I actually refused because this time round I am going to keep the proof of their crappy products and ask for a reply from their management.Also after using the cosmetic calculator I also discovered that my perfume which was smelling rotten because it was two months away from expiry.
    Heres my review-

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