Online Shopping Experience with

Online Shopping Experience with

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am not reviewing any product, but would be sharing my experiences with you all with one of the online shopping sites. I think I have got this online shopping fever big time now. Whenever I am sitting idle, I am shopping online. I heard about the site here only at IMBB through Aarti and later from other blogger friends as well. I read in one of the blogs that if you liked their homepage on facebook, you would get Rs. 250 as the discount voucher on the purchase of 500 rupees and above. I instantly liked their FB page and got entitled to my voucher which was mailed to me within 10 minutes of liking that page.

I had wanted to buy their soaps since a long time , I don’t have Lush here in my city, so I just thought considering the prices of their soaps, they would be exotic and luxurious. I was trying since long but the soaps were not available.

Online Shopping craftsvilla


A few days back when I checked the website again, there were a lot of other things available. I instantly ordered a few candles, soaps and a lip balm. Please read on further to find out my experience with this shopping site.

I placed my order for all these five things on 16th September and made the payment via my debit card. The total amount for all these things was Rs. 585, but I had my bonus amount with me, so I ended up paying Rs. 335 :jalwa:




I instantly received my confirmation mail for the order. From whichever online sites I have ordered things before, I have usually got the order tracking number the very next day, but here even after 3 days had passed, I did not get to hear from them. Also, their website was not opening at all during those three days (later I found that they were upgrading the website and that’s why I couldn’t open it). I was concerned but still keeping my cool, mailed to their customer care address about no intimation of the placed order.

Within 2 hours, I received a mail from them that they would be dispatching my stuff on the 20th and would provide me a tracking number as well. On the date as mentioned by them, I did get the dispatch confirmation mail and also my tracking number. The very next day, I received my courier. All the products were in perfect condition securely put in a cardboard box. Once opened, it had thermocol for extra protection.



I was elated to find a small thank you tent card ( which is the cutest of all the things that I got) and a a small thank you note written by the co-founder of this site, what a thoroughly thoughtful gesture. This was not all, I also got a free gift . I got two tea-light candles carefully wrapped in handmade paper :yahoo:




The above pictures are of the free gift which I got.

What I Liked about

1. The only site which I have come across that promotes handicraft and contributes to the growth of artisans.
2. Free shipping within India.
3. Also ships outside India at a higher shipping rate.
4. You get free gifts as a token of appreciation.

What I Didn’t Like about

1. Prices of the products are a bit on the higher side
2. Not all the products are available everytime.
Will I Repurchase From this Site?

Well, let me use the products to come to that conclusion.

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14 thoughts on “Online Shopping Experience with

  1. Site is pretty good, but it’s right when u purchase it when they offer 50-60% discount. Otherwise I feel few products are not worth the price like if u see the jewellery!

  2. Wow, the products look amazing! I am definitely trying the candles. And may be some accessories too (tho’ these seem a tad pricey). Still, loving the fact that our artisans get some recognition and compensation this way. Nice review Shivani 🙂

  3. Let me tell you about my deal with craftvilla!I placed a order with their company on Sept 22 2013 for I thought they had some of the most beautiful items and I needed them to give out as gifts.For 7 items it cost $125 bucks…not bad for some beautiful merchandise. *pompom* About 1 week later I received a email informing that 2 items were out of stock. 😛 worries…just send the 5 remaining items.2 weeks later i received a email saying that the package was on the way with 2 items. *shock* Um…what happened to the other 3?no reply…later I was issued a voucher for $20! *pan* What! then 1 week later another voucher for $40 that expired the same day! *waaa* Are You Kidding me!What was I suppose to use the voucher for?Order more products that they didn’t *silence* have in stock?Wouldnt it had been great if they just would have had a little red flag if a item was out of stock? *secret* na da! So the package comes in the mail and Oh my god!1 pillow cover! *waaa* Gee!Did This Cost Me $125 damn bucks??? *cry* almost 2 months later and having 100s of my friends post how jacked up I feel about them on twitter…facebook and what a rip off they are and contacting my credit card company it was only then today I received a massage from them that I would have my funds back in my account in 15 days. *nonono* I informed them that I am sure that they have ripped off many people but I am not one to be messed with. *ghost* It is sad that the only way a company can stay in business is to rip innocent people off of their hard earned money *waiting* The funny thing is that one must be very careful who they rip off.I love to travel and I am crazy enough to catch a flight to India and show up at their damn door! *spank*

    1. I had the same experience from Crafts villa. NEVER EVER Do my online shopping with them.

      I ordered 5 items and 2 were out of stock . Order has not been dispatched after 3 weeks . Customer care people have no intention to help you when you have issues with orders. They remain so cold and No reply if you send them email . I asked for the refund and after spending so much time with them they agreed to do so. My Worst online shopping experience ever. I strongly recommend anyone who wanted to do shopping with them , first find out if item is in stock and ready for a nasty experience from this company/


    I had ordered an antique wall clock (MDEIND83675) from Craftsvilla on 10 Apr 14. the product specifications on their website quoted the diameter of the wall clock as 27″(Twenty Seven Inches) and the cost as Rs.1,499/-. The seller was Indian Gift Bazaar, New Delhi.
    After receiving the product, it was found that the diameter is only 16″(Sixteen Inches), WHICH IS AROUND A FEET SMALLER THAN WHAT I ORDERED FOR!!!. I immediately wrote to the customer care and they told me that they will be speaking to the seller regarding the same. even after 3 weeks of time, they told that they could not establish a satisfactory communication with the seller.


    It costed me another Rs.450/- for shipping the item back to the seller that Craftsvilla would not refund. In short i ended up wasting Rs.450 and four weeks of time dealing with these irresponsible people.

    The amazing fact remains that the item is still available for sale at Craftsvilla with the wrong specifications….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Regarding order id 103143388,103143389

    it’s a fake and fucking company. employees working are bloody idiots and bloody fuckers. never trust these people.
    pooja, mohammad, taushik,aarthi,hiren,raj mistry, yash and others are bloody fuckers.

    never purchase any product from this company .

    i ordered 2 items. ( salwar suits) on 11th sep. out of 2 one of the salwar suit i didn’t receive but in the system they have updated that product has been delivered successfully and receive a mail for the same. when i checked with the FEDEX courier they said it’s been returned back to the seller as they did not submit some required documents. i already informed this to the customer care on 14th september. after repeated call the customer care registered a complaint on 26th september and said it will take 7 working days to resolve the issue. . its already a month now that i didn’t get any status from them. neither i receive the product nor the money.
    already dropped couple of mails but no response from the customer care.

    Delivery of the second salwar suit was taking a lot of time for which i requested to cancel the order on 26th sep. i was told that the refund will be done within 7 working days. but still now its not done. the customer care never bothered to give any reply of the mails sent.

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