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Online Shopping Experience with – A Review

This review is for an Imitation Fashion Jewelry online store –

I came across this website a couple of months back and stumbled across their sale section where I found some really cute jewelry at very decent prices. As always, I was quite hesitant to order online but then decided to go ahead with a small initial order to give the website and its products a try. is based out of Mumbai and was started in the year 2001. The website has a decent blend of ethnic and western designs which can be worn on a daily basis as well as on several occasions and religious events.

Here’s a look of what I got along with the prices:
Mehndi Polish Metal Earrings (OP: Rs. 215; SP:Rs. 125/-)


White Pearl Earrings (OP: Rs. 85/-; SP:Rs. 75/-)

pearl earrings

Metal Beaded Earrings (OP:!25/-; SP:Rs. 75/-)

black bead earrings

Chandelier Earrings (OP: 195/-; no discount)

Online Shopping Experience at

What I love about

• The store has a wide variety of jewelry as well as accessories to suit various tastes and budgets. Products offered are imitation kundan jewelry, metal jewelry, imitation bridal sets, bracelets, maang tikkas, arm bracelets, regular bracelets, haath panjas, kaleeras, rings, toe and nose rings, brooches, belts, bangles, hair accessories, jewelry boxes, etc. The selection is huge and more suited for those special occasions.

• The items can be viewed by their price category: “below 500”; “500 to 1000” and “above 1000”. This just makes it a lot easier to browse through the sections depending on how much I want to spend. Also saves me the hassle of browsing through page after page of products to find out jewelry that fits my budget.

• The website offers great quality jewelry at decent prices. I am particularly pleased with the first 3 items I got. Even the earrings costing as low as 75/- are of a very good quality and look neat and nicely constructed. The jewelry also feels durable and strong and not likely to break or chip on you.

• A lot of the earrings and sets on the website come in different colors. You have the option of choosing which color you want when adding it to the cart.

• The sale section of the website offers great deals! Do check it out.

• 5%,10% and 15% discounts are applicable on purchases above 5,000/-, 10,000/- and 15,000/- respectively.

• ships all over the world. For those living in US or other western countries where Indian jewelry is really hard to find, this is a great tool. Shipping for international customers is Rs. 600/- for first product ordered and Rs. 50/- for every additional product. For all of us residing in India, shipping is free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• I received my goodies within a couple of days of placing the order. They also notify you when the items have been dispatched via email which I thought was great!

• The earrings were securely packaged in individual plastic bags and placed inside a bubble wrapped envelope and reached me in a perfectly safe condition. The website claims that all jewelry sets would be sent in a beautiful velvet jeweler’s box.

• Payment options are by credit card, debit card, check or money order.

• Their customer service is really awesome! Every query you send them is answered within 24 hours!

What I don’t love so much about

• Even though there are tons of products on their website, I would still like to see more daily wear items added. The website is great for someone looking for fancy sets but the daily wear options are limited.

• There are still many of us who are quite apprehensive about ordering expensive items online, esp. when it comes to jewelry sets. This is a great website for someone living abroad and not having access to Indian jewelry. For the rest of us, it would make more sense to physically see the product before buying it from the stores.

• Cash on delivery option is not available.

Rating: 4 out of 5

I would definitely buy more jewelry from I had a very pleasant experience and love the earrings I got! I have worn these every single day without any discomfort. The shipping was quick (and free!) and customer service great. I just wish they’d add more regular stuff to their collection. I always check the site’s sale/bargain section as you are bound to find at least a couple of designs you love 🙂

But as I mentioned earlier, even though I really like their collection, I would still not be too comfortable getting expensive jewelry online when I have the option of visiting stores and checking things out before purchasing.

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19 thoughts on “Online Shopping Experience with

  1. bhawana such pretty earrings. 😀 I loved the first pone the most. Just checked the website. I agree on what you said about adding regular stuff to their collection. The collection looks more serious kinds right now. :silly:

  2. am very sorry to say but the metal beaded ear rings and the chandeliar ones, you have i have the exact copy of those ear rings with me, i was surprised seeing the pics, the meatl beaded ring did cost me Rs 40 and chandeliar one Rs 35 one year back from local market, these pple buy from local market and sell online at higher price, i am still staring at the pics, how could they seell exact copies at such high price !

  3. am curious..are u ladies finding these items under sale items? also, there are so many pages of there any option for lowest to highest? i might be missing it I think..its quite a pain to go thru 257 items..:(

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