OOTD: Tangerine, Red and Pink

OOTD: Tangerine, Red and Pink

Hi Lovelies!

How’s everyone? I do hope everyone’s doing fine. Me, I’m excited for summer and I have actually started wearing bright colors. Like in this OOTD, I am wearing Tangerine, Red and Pink!

OOTD: Tangerine, Red and Pink

I am actually not sure whether I lean on the play-safe, conservative type of style in fashion or on bit of aggressive side. I sometimes go for girly and at times boy-ish outfits. I mix classic pieces with edgy modern ones. I mix different patterns and textures as well. But there are those times when I think so much about what I was wearing at the moment. That happens when I feel so playful with colors. But you know, at the end of the day, I realized that we own our taste and style and what you wear is an expression of youself. So if it makes me happy, then I’ll wear it.

OOTD: Tangerine, Red and Pink 2

In this OOTD, I was wearing a tangerine top with some white flaps on shoulders and in front. I paired it with a fitted red skirt where I tacked my top under. I wore a pink belt to add color in between two bright colors.

 OOTD: Tangerine, Red and Pink 3
I was wearing three bright colors here but for me they go well together. I believe because they are not too contrasting to each other. If you’ll notice, all these three colors all have touch of red. Tangerine is red with yellow. Pink is red with white. Red is red.

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I just wore white peep-toe flats to add white to the outfit. I also used white rectangular earrings. I like to balance the brightness of my outfit with these whites.

red bag

I used a very simple red handbag and my favorite red bracelet so as to wear no more than four colors on this day.

As for my hair, since it is wavy, I enhanced the curls at the ends with curlers, gathered and pinned them at one side for feminine appeal.

gold bracelet

On my face, I used MaxFactor Panstik as my concealer and Maybelline BBSilk Cake Powder, Maybelline Fresh Coral Blush, NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette, 4U2 Dark Brown Gel Liner, DiorShow Mascara and 4U2 Envy Lipstick in Coral shade.


So there, I hope you like the play of colors I did in this OOTD. It’s fun! The color of what we wear has this effect on our moods. Bright colors make me want to have an extra bright day! I wish everyone a bright day ahead! Thanks so much! Hugs!

Outfit details:

Tangerine top: a gift from sister.
Red Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Pink Belt: SM Accessories
Red Purse: SM Accessories
Shoes: Figlia

Always wear beauty!

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31 thoughts on “OOTD: Tangerine, Red and Pink

  1. aww this is just so apt for today..i totally loved the outfit, and you know wat the best part is?
    its your million dollar smile!
    keep them coming

    1. I learned about Holi, festival of colors. I love such festivities. Real fun. Thanks Neha much and much. 🙂

  2. Its actually a pleasure to watch your ootds, love your outfits and your face is sooo beautiful,it always takes your ootd s to a different level… 🙂 🙂

  3. you look just so stunning val… 🙂 awesome blossom types… 🙂 n i agree with neha di you have a million dollar smile 🙂 🙂

  4. i sooo love your smile.. i cudnt take off my eyes from your face.. its so cute…going back to see the outfit… 😛

  5. Lovely OOTD Val.. I love the pink and orange combo, so summery 🙂 N you look like a doll in that hairdo.. Loved it 🙂

    1. Thanks Ritika. 🙂 I am surprised too that those 3 colors don’t seem to clash when worn together. 😉 Thanks so much.

  6. Lovely OOTD Val! Tangerine, Red and Pink does look good together . I never thought about this combination 🙂 And I am always fan of your make-up. It always looks so fresh and nice 🙂

    1. Hi Manu, it surprised me too that tangerine, red and pink will look when worn together. It took me a while to go out and finally wear 3 bold colors at once. I am glad you like it. 🙂 Thank a lot! 😉

  7. You are so pretty Val..I love the previous yellow and black combo OOTD post of yours and this one too … 🙂

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