OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast Review

OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast Review

Hello my beautiful friends,

Hope all of you are doing fine 🙂 Thankfully, my daughter is also showing signs of improvement and we are hopeful to see her fit and fine soon! To our excitement, she already managed to break one of our window blinds while playing (seems her medications are working…:D) and I wonder what’s next in her hit list 😛 Anyway, let me also get back to today’s review from OPI’s nail collection. Recently, I spotted these metallic OPI nail lacquer collection and picked up Chicago Champagne Toast upon my interest for another metallic nail lacquer. However, after trying it for a while I feel it is not suitable for me though it is pretty awesome metallic golden mixed bronze shade. So, please read on further to know more about OPI nail lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast.

OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast


$5-$9 for 0.5 fl oz (15 ml), price varies from store to store.


This metallic light bronze nail lacquer comes in as usual thick and sturdy glass bottle packaging with black cap. Undoubtedly, quite classy and travel-friendly packaging.

OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast

My Experience with OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast:

Chicago Champagne Toast seems a perfect blend of golden and bronze shade with hints of metallic pink sometimes. It seems quite frosty with dazzling finish on my nails which also tends to look streaky upon more than one swipe. However, it is too shiny to highlight those streaks. I wonder if it might be tricky on most of Asian skin tones.

OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast

I mean the color in itself is really pretty and compliments my fair skin, but somehow, I am not convinced to get it again.  I don’t feel like wearing it more often as compared to other shades. I noticed that once applied, it certainly looks good on my skin, but thereafter, it gives me a wise old lady feel somehow 😛 However, it does not tone down my skin, but my second disappointment starts while working on the second coat as it tends to become thick and streaky with the second stroke.

OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast

It gives a slight medium to sheer color payoff in first coat which I call as a pretty light bronze mixed with pink pigmentation but then goes off within a few seconds.  I need a second swipe for intense color on my nails which often looks streaky and is difficult to work upon. I noticed that it dries pretty fast as compared to other OPI nail lacquers. However, it’s sheen and shine lasts for good 4-5 days, thereafter chipping off and disappearing completely with nail paint itself. Yes gals, it hardly survives a week with household and laundry works.


Maybe I am fond of bright, cheerful shades which explains my dislike towards this shade and the shade is too streaky/shiny for my liking, I am definitely not getting it again. I am thinking of passing it on to my mom.  I would suggest to swatch it first and then proceed for it might surprise you once it dries to a shiny stain.  I think it would be loved by our moms or elder sisters. 😛 I don’t think I would like to wear it again, at least not before my daughter enters into her teenage years 😛

OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast

OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast

OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast:

  • A DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free nail lacquer.
  • Pretty awesome metallic bronze shade with sparkling hint of metallic pink tone as well.
  • Does not tone down our skin tone and works well on fair skin tones.
  • Does not look frosty, which enhances its finishing.
  • Looks subtle on my nails, even with the frosty metallic finishing.
  • Dries dries pretty fast as compared to other OPI nail lacquers.
  • Gives opaque and buildable finish in just two swipes.
  • Available at discounted price.

Cons of OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast:

  • It might give streaky finish with the second stroke sometimes.
  • Maybe tricky on medium/tan skin.
  • Slightly frosty and dazzling, which might be a turn off for most gals.
  • Too pale for my liking.
  • Wears off within a week.

Well, this is not even considered my least favorite shade, you know what I mean? I am not getting it again and I suggest you all to swatch it first, wait and then proceed if you are interested to get it! I would give it 2.5/5.

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33 thoughts on “OPI Nail Lacquer – Chicago Champagne Toast Review

  1. Nice color indeed. Bought the same color in different in sally. Love the color. Happy to hear that aadya is back *puchhi*

    1. oh yes aadya is improving fast and we are hopeful to see her fit n fine in few days.. *happydance* oh u bought its sister color from sally? hws dat, i personally didnt like it much.. *nababana* planning to pass it over to mum.. *nails*

    1. yeah I wish same atleast it cud hv lived upto its OPI name fame.. *thankyou* lisha.. really appreciate ur words.. *puchhi*

  2. Good to know that aadya is fit n back with her hit list…hey the color looks pretty on ur hands *clap* ..neetu I went n bought revlon primer yesterday but I didnt loreal loose powder, it was out of stock..of course I have purchased covergirl professional loose powder

    1. mini it might luk gud on me but I feel like a wise old lady.. *nababana* its nt for me I guess.. *headbang* ohh great u boguht revlon primer.. cool i hope u like it! loreal oos understandable.. *haan ji* hws covergirl powder mini??

      1. *cry* it broke me out like hell….I didnt tell my husband about the culprit behind crazy acne all over the face.. *hunterwali* *cry*

        1. Omg… Who is d culprit?? Primer ?? Or powder?? *woot*
          So sorry abt dat mini.. *scared* hope ur skin recovers soon.

    1. yes sumera ur wishes n prayers are working… aadya seem to improve day by day.. *happydance* Thanx to every one who wished n prayed for my daughter. *puchhi*

    1. *thankyou* sabrina.. hw r u doing? its been long time since i talked to u.. *puchhi* I knw u love frosty shades naa.. *happydance*

  3. Awesome pics neetu… I especially liked the one where the drop is just about to fall from the brush… U captured the moment stunningly… As for the shade, what can i say… Its gorgeous… And a classic too

    1. ohh *thankyou* arpita.. am glad u liked these pictures n review. well the shade is definitely classic though am nt used to of wearing n seeing this color on my nails.. *nababana*

  4. Oh did i miss some thing, aadhya is not feeling good *scared* , but i am happy that she is recovering *happydance* i will pray for our cute little pie, and the color in bottle looks good, but anyways u have beautiful hands Neetu. Is it raining there? So is aadhya under antibiotics?

    1. hey sravanthi, u were missed here, I ws thinking of u n here u are great.. *puchhi*
      aadya is under antibiotics to cure her mild pneumonia, “walking pneumonia” they say.. thanx for ur wishes n prayer gal.. aadya is improving but still under influence of infection n congestion. long way to go before we all take sigh of relief..

      1. its nt raining here. I dnt even remember wen i last noticed cloudy n rainy weather outside atleast not after i came back frm trip.. *nababana* though i heard nyc n dc areas r cloudy n experiencing rains every now n then isnt?

        1. Its raining continuously from 3 days, i want to take pictures for reviews, but its so dark, and i don’t like taking pictures under tube light, antibiotics really make kids too weak, make her to eat something every 2 hours, don’t worry every thing gonna be fne and our cute little sweet heart will pose for pictures *haan ji* sorry for giving advice, i am pharmacist by education, but starting work as software engineer *shy* *nababana* which i don’t like but can’t do anything here in U.S without GC as u know *cry*

          1. Oh wow u belong to pharmacy n jumped on it bandwagon.. *jai ho* commendable sravanrhi… *clap*
            I understand being h1 spouse myself *cry*
            i ws also wwaiting for either of two situations to switch subject like urs or Gc initially but abhi to motherhood is above all, can’t leave Aadya for a min. *nababana* rest depends on destiny.
            Ohh yeah rainy cloudy weather irritates a lot while clicking pictures.. *duel* hope so u get to see sunshine tomorrow… *puchhi* n I will keep ur advice in mind, will make her eat frequently.. *thankyou* dear u all people literally made my day. U won’t imagine u all r my strength n courage to live here peaceful n happy.. *haan ji* *puchhi*

            1. Neetu I got H1 last year, so I need to do job, else you know what will happen, but I regret why I applied for H1 *cry* *jalwa*

              1. Neetu I feel you love nail polishes, y I don’t you try julep box, if you feel y to waste money, let me tell you secret, what every one do, first box is free u need to pay only for shipping it is just $3, after that they will cancel, I read on so many blogs, from 21-24 th of that month u can cancel subscription for next month, but be careful general email goes to spam. And now offer going on, you get 5 polishes. Actually one of my friend ordered 3 boxes, from 3 emails, all are different boxes, sorry for being conjuse, but if you like you can continue. I am trying jewelry box, it’s awesome.
                Sorry for long message.

                1. thats gud u luckily got that visa sravanthi… *haan ji* u knw many people just wait n try for next slot they are limited.. *nababana*
                  oh yes I like nail paints n initially I read abt julep maven box but no oone in my knowledge knws abt julep so i thought its fake.. *scared* they were giving so discounted n free stuffs that i ws skeptical t try them.. but nw u assured so i will try them.. *happydance* *thankyou* sravanthi.. really appreciate ur good thoughts n will to help me… *puchhi*

  5. It’s not my kind of colour, but I love your nails! Have you ever tried mixing other colours to create a new colour? *hihi*

    I’m so glad Aadya is up and about. 🙂

    1. yes rene, she is lil better than before but still I can see her coughing n congestion by late nite.. fingers crossed for tuesday as her dr going to tell her weekly report. *scared*
      oh mixing two shades, I used to do it for fun in college days but nvr came in my mind.. *hihi*
      let me see wt can i do wid thisshade.. *specs* thanx for reminding rene..

  6. right nitu..it luks really bful on u..but definitely not my type of shade.. *nababana* *nababana* ..lots of love to Adya. *puchhi* *puchhi* .get well soon dear

  7. Wise old lady kind of look rofl Don’t we all have that one shade always
    Glad to hear that Aadya is improving. Wish she gets back to her usual naughtyness fast *puchhi*

    1. Yeah Mona she is improving n getting naughtier day by day, seems gud wishes n prayers r working… *haan ji* *puchhi* *thankyou* all for ur lively n kind blessings..

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