OPI Nail Lacquer – Eurso Euro, Haven’t The Foggiest, Black Onyx Review

Hello to all my beautiful friends,

Today, I have three beautiful shades of nail polishes for you from OPI. Nail paints are the easiest makeup products to apply. 😉 Firstly, they don’t really take too much time for application (which makes my hubby really happy 😛 he simply hates it when I take time to get ready). Also, nail lacquers that do not take much time to dry are an absolute delight. These three shades from OPI are getting a lot of love from me nowadays. So, let us get into the details without delay. 🙂

OPI Nail Lacquer Eurso Euro, Haven’t The Foggiest, Black Onyx

USD 7-10 (price may vary from store to store).

OPI Nail Lacquer Eurso Euro, Haven’t The Foggiest, Black Onyx label

My Experience with OPI Nail Lacquer – Eurso Euro, Haven’t The Foggiest, Black Onyx:

Packaging: All three shades come in the standard OPI nail lacquer bottle. The cap is long and I like it as it makes holding the brush easier. The brush is broad and covers my nails in just 2 strokes. However, it might be and issue for girls with smaller nails; but I personally like it as it means less work for me. 😉 I don’t have to spend much time working on the same nail.

OPI nail lacquer packaging

Eurso Euro:  A beautiful dark Indigo blue.  Sadly, the true color has not been captured in the pics 🙁 This shade has a beautiful creme finish. It has a little bit of purple in it too. The consistency of this nail lacquer is very thin, which is not per my liking.


A single coat is very sheer and applies streaky too whereas two coats are a bit better but still do not provide full opacity. In the swatches, I have applied 3 coats to get full opaque finish.

Haven’t the Foggiest: A beautiful silver/grey shimmer shade. It applies very smooth. It is not gritty at all and applies like dream. The formula is great, a single coat looks beautiful too. It is not streaky but I prefer two coats and that gives full opacity and a beautiful finish. This shade is perfect for holidays and I am in love with it. 😀

Black Onyx : Black with a creme finish. A single coat is a bit sheer but two coats are total love! I have used many black nail paints previously, but this black is my favorite now 😀

Staying Power and Removal:  All the shades stay on my nails for around 4 days with minimal fading and no chipping; and that too, without any top coat. With all the household chores, no other nail lacquer has managed to stay on my nails for more than two days.

OPI nail lacquer

Removal of all the shades is a breeze. Even though all three are dark shades, they do not stain my nails at all and get removed easily. I do not have to rub my nails repeatedly, but “Haven’t the Foggiest” does spread a bit. The glitters do travel a bit all over my nail bed during removal, but washing the hands solves the problem.

OPI Nail Lacquer Eurso Euro swatches

Overall, these nail lacquers are perfect for the winters and the current holiday season. I love the staying power of these nail paints and would definitely pick more shades from OPI 🙂 I would wholeheartedly recommend these shades to everyone.

Pros of OPI Nail Lacquer – Eurso Euro, Haven’t The Foggiest, Black Onyx:

  • Beautiful nail paint colors.
  • Even, smooth application.
  • Lovely creme finish.
  • Gets easily removed.
  • Big brush ensures easy application.
  • Good staying power.

Cons of OPI Nail Lacquer – Eurso Euro, Haven’t The Foggiest, Black Onyx:

  • Eurso Euro applies very sheer and at least 3 coats are required for a proper opaque finish.

IMBB Rating:

Eurso Euro – 4.5/5 (just for the sheer consistency).
Haven’t The Foggiest – 5/5
Black Onyx -5/5

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